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Hey there Mingle, welcome back! I remember you from the summer mostly I think, though my memory is usually pretty bad haha. Good to see you here again! n n Also, I'm lovin' your colorful signature.

Anyway, I don't think we've ever spoken even though you've been a member for longer than I have, so why not introduce yourself to all the newer people here? Would make it easier to write up a nicer welcome and become friends, but that's just a suggestion. I know I'm personally not too good at talking about myself (or sometimes don't really want to), buut it'd be great if we could get to know you more. :3

Regardless of whether you want to or not though, have a great time here and I hope you stick around for a while! Maybe you can get involved in some of the events that we'll be having soon, including the Member of the Year that's already out. See you around! :D
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