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This is a revived version of this RP, which was also made by me :D

Welcome to the world of Pokémon

OOC Thread || IC Thread

Someone has made a game. A game that would be played by s few selected teenagers who accepted his invitation. The game he made would be like none other. It would either place the teenagers in danger, or would give them glory. It was a risk he'd be willing to take. Anything he would do for his success.

The game is just an edited version of a previous game. It was made to be harder than the other. More exciting, more thrilling, more dangerous. Perhaps, more dangerous than you think it is. In this game, when you lose, you lose. It's game over. You're goal is to finish. It doesn't matter which place. Just finish. If you want to stop playing, finish it. It's your only option.

You are an average teenager, living a life that is full of routines. Everyday is almost the same. Usual events. Usual places. Usual people. It was, and always will be, like that...until you received a certain mail:

Originally Posted by E-Mail
FR: [email protected]
TO: <insert e-mail here>
Subject: Closed Beta Testing

You have been chosen as one of the few selected people given the chance to test out new game. If you choose to accept this invitation, all you have to do is click the link below. If you choose not to, then under no circumstances should you open the said URL. Once you accept, you cannot change your mind. Thank you.

You opened the site, but before you even see what the site looks like, you black out. You wake up in the vast space of nothingness. It was dark. You can't see anything, but you definitely can tell that someone was there with you. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone says these words: "Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting."


In this roleplay, you are transported into the Pokémon game world. You were originally from the real world, where Pokémon do not exist. The storyline will be somehow like the game, specifically R/S/E, but some twists was and will be added by the developer. When you wake up in the dark, you see nothing at all, but feel the presence of someone with you, then you hear Professor Birch's voice (but your character doesn't know that yet) welcoming you to the Pokémon world, and like in the game, asking for your gender and name. After asking for your name, you find yourself in a van. In the van, you hear a voice:

"If you want to stop playing this game, you need to finish it. There is no other way out."

Your character has no idea that the developer has programmed that voice. The developer will sometimes pit challenges for your character. The developer controls everything in-game, but the NPCs you meet does not know that they are in a game. What they do know is that they live in their real world, and that yours is fake. The developer may sometimes use an NPC to communicate with your character, but your character thinks that he/she is talking to the NPC directly, and does not know that he/she is talking to the developer.

Of course many decisions will be made in this RP, and the decisions you, the players, make will determine what will become of your characters...

Rules and Guidelines

- The roleplay is to be strictly kept PG-13. No gore when not needed. No suggestive themes.
- This will be chapter-based, and I will post each one after a certain amount of roleplayers finish the requirements for the current chapter.
- The developer may put up special events. When he does, your character is pulled away from whatever he/she is doing and gets teleported to the place where the event occurs.
- I will play the developer. I control certain NPCs that you can't, but most can be controlled by you.
- This is set in the Hoenn Region.
- The developer has decided to let your Pokémon keep five moves at a time.
- There will only be certain moments where you, the players, can meet.
- Levelling up depends on the quality of your post. Minimum is 1, while maximum is 5 (for extremely beautiful posts)


Treecko TAKEN BY Rune Alchemist
Torchic TAKEN BY Lilizuki
Feebas TAKEN BY Curious
Heracross TAKEN BY Sarah Morgan

The Players

Oliver Riverwood (Curious.)
Adelaide Smith (Lilizuki)

Sarah Morgan (Umm...Sarah Morgan ._.)
Ariel Mihara (Rune Alchemist)

Team Update

Sign Up Form

Age: (at least 14)

History: (your life before the game. Where did you live? Why did you choose to accept the invitation?)

Appearance:  (how your character looks like, obviously) 

Personality: (speaks for itself)

Dislikes: (Just for the heck of it. The developer may have some nice thing for you ;D)

Starter Pokémon:
RP sample: (The part where you received the mail and got transported inside the game)

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