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Originally Posted by transformerthoom View Post
Yeah sure i'll keep that in mind, cheers.
I got 1 more card that needs to be valued.
It's like a weird japanese trainer card, with a Pikachu with a pencil in it's hand writing something on a couple of books i don't really know...
Jk lol it's just a Basic Holofoil Raichu from the basic unlimited set
You tease! :P

Anyway, Raichu is $3 to $5.

Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
I'm not really planning on selling these cards, but I was looking through my collection, and I'm more curious than anything to know if they're worth anything (all of them in mint condition).

Giratina EX (Full Art, 124/124) - Dragons Exalted
Gardevoir EX (96/100) - EX Sandstorm
Raichu EX - (98/100) - EX Sandstorm
Typhlosion EX - (99/100) - EX Sandstorm

I also got a Secret Rare Pokemon Catcher (111/108) from a Dark Explorers pack recently, but despite it being a secret card, I'm guessing that it probably isn't worth all that much.
Giratina EX (full art): $14 to $19
Gardevoir ex: $4 to $8
Raichu ex: $7 to $11
Typhlosion ex: $7 to $11
Pokemon Catcher (secret rare): $30 to $40

Pokemon Catcher has serious play applications in the current tournament format, and its normal version from Emerging Powers is also very expensive.

Originally Posted by Senoue View Post
Cresselia EX - Boundaries Crossed (Not full art)
Golurk - Boundaries Crossed 150/149
Landorus EX - Boundaries Crossed (Not Full art)
Crystal Wall - Boundaries Crossed
Cresselia EX: $7 to $11
Golurk (secret rare): $10 to $15
Landorus EX: $25 to $30
Crystal Wall: $2 to $4

These values may fluctuate greatly as the format gets used to having these cards in there and figures out what is and isn't worth putting in a deck.

Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
Crawdaunt - Ex Deoxys
Water Energy - Ex Emerald
Beldum - Ex Deoxys
Regirock Ex - Ex Emerald

How much are these worth? :)
Crawdaunt: $1 to $3
Water Energy (matrix foil print): $3 to $5
Beldum: n/a (it's a common - worth less than $0.25)
Regirock ex: $7 to $11

Originally Posted by Don Bastio View Post
i used to collect but i don't any more im just curious about what one of my cards was worth
Top half of Raikou Suicune LEGEND: $5 to $7
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