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    ACE found a TOPIC!

    What first drew you to roleplaying?

    tbh, this place, Roleplay Corner of PC, drew me to roleplaying. When I stumbled here 2 and a half years ago, I stumbled upon the RP section and stalked some threads. While reading them, I felt that tug inside me. That tug that told me "you know you want to try this, Ace." So, I did. And what I found out was that RPing was like playing the game, only you had more freedom to control your character, and the plot was a lot more flexible. I got hooked, and voila, RPer Ace was born.

    That, and I like flying away from reality, and RPs are generally a great outlet for that /nodnod

    Off-topic, is it just me, or is the RP Corner as dead as it was when I left? :/

    EDIT: Wow, I'm derping out a lot on the forums >.

    I've been longing for...
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