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Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
Cyclone wanted to fix things, so I promised him I'd fix the Sinnoh dex entries after he did, that's all. I'm not around here much anymore, so if you two could work on it together and send me a finished version whenever you're done for me to do that one last thing, I'd appreciate it.

I don't really care about ~~internet fame~~ or whatever, I was just gonna host it and post it and credit you both heavily and stick it in my sig (and prod giradialkia to stick it in the first post), but if either of you cares enough to want to post it yourself that's fine, drama is silly. I'm not trying to steal credit, I just thought it would be less confusing to fans that way. :D
Okay, I don't mind As I said, I though you stopped working on it =)
If you want to do it, then we will surely send it to you
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