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You are momentarily blinded when you pass through the spirograph that is your gate. And then you are suddenly standing somewhere else entirely. Sand is still whistling around you - the wind is blowing harder here and you have to cover your face to not get it in your eyes. You aren't in the middle of some dunes anymore though. You are standing next to a set of hundred meters high cliffs, luckily shielding you from the wind to some degree. A few hundred meters away, connected to the cliffs, is some kind of settlement, looking like a fort carved out from the stone with little windows and towers. You might hear strange roars from the endless dunes behind you. First thing to do is probably to find shelter from this blistering wind.

Before you can do anything, though, a figure appears in the air in front of you, laughing clearly recognizably.

"HAHAHA! You thought you could sneak out on your own? WITHOUT ME? You thought wrong! That old house of yours got so boring when you left - BORING! Hahahaha. But that..." Kefkasprite strokes his long beak and points at the settlement. "... that looks FUN! Where there's life, there's KILLING to be done!"

==> Deal with your situation. You may not bunny Kefkasprite, he's mine to control for now. You may, however, make imps and other monsters appear as you wish.


First you make the DIGITICKER. It's your watch but with a computer screen instead of a clock's face. You can probably not move things around as a server player in SBURB with this, but you can communicate through Pesterchum and surf the web and whatnot. What web? No one really knows. The Inciphisphere perhaps has its own world wide web. The only function this DIGITICKER doesn't have seems to be a clock. Not that it matters much what time it is in the Medium now.

Then, you are momentarily blinded when you pass through the spirograph that is your gate. And then you are suddenly standing somewhere else entirely. There is still forest around you and the sky looks the same. But without the spirograph above, of course. But the forest is not tranquil anymore. You are standing in the middle of what seems to be some kind of construction site. Trees are being cut down as we speak, machines are flattening the land and putting down concrete and asphalt, and people are calling and oinking and yelling all over the place. People dressed in sweaty worker suits and helmets. No, wait, not "people"...

They are pigs. Pigs on two legs. Talking pigs on two legs. **** just got very surreal.

If you look closely, you can see some glimmering from the forest behind you. The pigs working there seem even more stressed and grumpy than the others. Some seem afraid of cutting down the trees. Yes, there is definitely something glimmering there - even some things flying around in the air around the pigs.

"You there!" one pig suddenly calls out to you. He has a shining red helmet and holds a bundle of blueprints. Clearly, he is the most important pig around here. "What are you doing here? What a thin looking oink of a pig you look like. You're not supposed to be here!"

==> React. You may make imps and other monsters appear as you wish and bunny the pigs a little.
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