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    Hardly anyone posts on "Art & Design"............ And I wrote this part on when some kid babysits a snake:

    Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post

    "Sssssssss......... ssssssssss......."

    He froze, hearing the faint whispers of hisses below him. He slowly put his head down with the feeling of being afraid, looking at the tamed snake with it's elongated wiggling extension of a tongue.

    It leaped and pierced through Bob's hand. Bob's face is in awe, with his mouth agape as blood rushed out of his hand, leaking down and clumping together.

    The snake forcibly pushed all of his digestive acids and all of his food into his large mouth. Bob's eyes shrunk to a grain of sand as the troubled snake blasts his chunky, acidic, disturbing blast.

    Bob's face was shot by it with such great force as he slipped from the water and fell down, unable to get up as he struggles to get on his feet.

    Later, as Derek returns from Six Flags, he quickly ran to Bob's house. He banged the door hard, then he notices that the door is already opened, slamming the wall of his living room.

    "AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" A shattering noise broke out of his room.

    Derek heard Bob's voice, knowing that the snake might have done something to him. He quickly hustled up to his room, then he cannot believe on what he is just seeing.

    The snake's head concealed Bob's whole head while he coils his whole body, as blood quickly runs from his neck, stomach acids on his body, the whole room, EVERYWHERE. Derek saw the shattered glass cage that caused his heart to ache as he fainted.

    The snake's eyes saw Derek's face, while he sees that his face is full of sadness and regret. The snake felt very depressed of what he did and released Bob from his very tight binding, unable to be found.

    Derek woke up and quickly ran to Bob, seeing that he's in so much pain.

    "Bob, are you OK? I never knew that the snake would do this, I feared that this may happen! It's all my fault!" Derek complained, crying while he placed his hand of his face.

    "It's all right, at least I survived that event." said Bob as he wipes his face.