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welcome to the club guys!~ :D :D :D

Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
Name : Galoria
Two partners :

Why: Any reason why you want to join?
An explanation inexplicable. They are beautiful and cute for the most part. Unfortunately they are so few have this kind of type!
I will be glad to see more of Ice-Type Pokémon to be honnest.

With the experience of fighting Pokémon, I see mainly in OverUsed teams that there is only one Pokémon often used. About the power that is too bad that side. But on the other hand, they are so cute and graceful.
And on the other hand, I love the snow. The snow and calm atmosphere.

Current topic:
It would be Glaceon without one doubt.
Glaceon is graceful, with her ​​pretty little bangs. And it has remained my favorite Pokémon Leafeon. I love to use them in a double.
I love to use Glaceon with Abomansnow theheh.
yeah there are only 32 or so ice type pokemon only. D: D: i want mooore ice types!

Originally Posted by Icy Burn View Post
Name : Icy Burn

2 Partner Pokemon :

Why: Any reason why you want to join? Well, they're quite cute and agile. Of course, not as amazing as Dragon Types ...

Answer the current topic! Delibird, because he's like a christmas bird thingy. :c
gotta agree about with the christmas bird thingy xD

Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
I'd like to join!

Name: CourageHound
2 Partner Pokemon:
Why would you like to join: Aside from ice types being a very "cool" type, two of my favorite pokemon are ice types. As such I would greatly enjoy tallking about them and evrything ice types have to offer.
Current Topic: What is your favorite ice types and why?
My favorite ice types are a toss up between Beartic and Mamoswine. Both very big, powerfull, and adorably fluffy(more so mamoswine). Theyre also based on some of my favorite aninals. Overall I think theyre both awesome.
tha's some nice partner pokemon

Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
Name: Iloveeevee
2 Partner Pokemon: Glaceon & Spheal

What is your favorite Ice types and why?
Glaceon because I love Eevee and all the eeveelutions and it's also very cute. Spheal because it's so cute and adorable.
spheal is sooo cute <3333

Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
Name: Pave Low
Partners: Glalie and Froslass
Why would I like to join: Ice is cool (see what I did there? :3)
What is your favorite Ice types and why?
Glalie, has been since I first saw it in the anime. I just think it's an amazing all-round Pokemon; powerful, charming, cunning.

Who said sign-up forms need to be long?
yeah xD

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I joined the past incarnations of this club so why not sign up again?

Name: Hikari10
2 Partner Pokemon: Glaceon & Vanilluxe

What is your favorite Ice Type Pokemon and why? For me, I'd have to say the Vanillite line, Cubchoo and Glaceon cos they are so adorable and I like their designs. Glaceon is also one of my fave Eeveelutions.
all ur fave ice pokemon are sooo cute <33

time for a new topic:
Which Ice-type pokemon do you like the least?