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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
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What Ice Type Do You Like the Least?

O.o ....Ok my least favorite is Jynx. Sorry for all you Jynx fans out there but, its just so disturbing to me Dx, and I rarely say that. Whats worse is that during her sprite animate her lips oscillate >.> . Smoochum is kinda cute imo but Jynx? Naw...But be honest. Who would want to be kissed by jynx?
why the shocked expression?? xD XD
brock would like to be kissed by jynx xD XD

Which Ice-type pokemon do you like the least?
My least favorite Ice-Type is Cryognal. It's hideous and it is kinda weird.
Another one I'm not so fond of is Glalie, it just looks... quite frightening, actually And it has a constant angry face, like what are you so mad about you're a floating ice ball xD It's just creepy.