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    As Jupiter chucked a pokeball at the smoking Seedot, the acorn pokemon, with double the power of every previous Bite and Incinerates, slammed onto Scorcher. A dust cloud swirled up.. Someone cried in pain.. And nothing could be seen for 6-7 seconds. . . . .

    Finally Jupiter could open his eyes, and found out the fainted Poochyena and a shaking pokeball that clicked immediately. The Seedot was FINALLY captured.

    "OH NO, Scorcher! You battled so well.. Here, have some rest.", the Poochyena was called back to his pokeball, "You'll be fine soon.. Lets run Aquaseas.."

    The boy and his Mudkip darted towards Oldale Town, battling a Poochyena on the way. They were almost on the verge of entering Oldale when. . . .

    A short, stubby boy blocked their way. With utmost difficulty, Jupe could brace himself and prevented the fated collision.

    "Hi there.. I just caught a bunch of pokemon.", an impish grin spread on the boy's face.

    "Congratulations! Now if you.. I'm in a hurry.", Jupiter tried skidding away but the boy blocked him.

    "NO RUNNING AWAY from Barry, whenever trainers meet, they should battle!", the boy retorted.

    "And how did you assume me for a trainer?"

    Barry pointed at Aquaseas.

    "Ok.. But make it quick, my friends need some medication!"

    Barry let out a Lotad. It was, like Barry, stubby and short. With two Sludge attacks and a tackle, Aquaseas had no problem taking care of the slow pokemon.

    "It doesn't end here. Go Wurmple!"

    The bug pokemon looked like freshly caught, still not used to its trainer. Reluctantly it tried attacking Aquaseas but the latter slammed it so hard that it flew to Barry's face.

    "AAAGGGH! Get off me!" Barry had one hell of a moment while Jupiter and Aquaseas laughed their heads off. Finally the Wurmple fainted from another tackle.

    "You beat everything, but not Drew!", Barry let out his final pokemon.

    As soon as the pokemon materialised, a flame ball was fired away at Aquaseas. Without giving anytime to recover the Vulpix tackled, but the Mudkip was able to dodge him.

    "Tackle him Aquaseas!", the fox pokemon was swiped off its feet.

    "Now Sludge!", Vulpix saved itself by using fire spin.

    "Ok.. Sludge again!"

    But this time something different happened. Aquaseas concentrated a moment and a blue orb was flung from his mouth at the Vulpix.

    "YEAH, thats it. Use Water Gun and end it for good." Another blast and the Vulpix lay, defeated. Barry walked towards Jupe..

    "I.. I underestimated you. You are one, talented trainer."

    "It was only possible because of Aquaseas, I had a really little part in it. You too were great, try raising your pokemon better and you would do great."

    "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. We would meet again!"

    "Certainly!", as Jupiter raced towards Oldale with Aquaseas in his arms.
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