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    Hello there!

    I've been playing this hack over the past few days, and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm up to Vermillion City now, and it's been quite a fun ride. Most of the game seems new while still having the old charm.

    That said, there are a few disappointments.

    Some of the major text has been left unaltered, making things rather strange. For example, RED talks almost exactly like LANCE.

    A few major events feel like they should have been modified more. Mostly because they end up being carbon copies of old events. The old man on the boat still loses his granddaughter, the Red Gyarados is still in the Lake of Rage, etc.

    This last one's just personal opinion... But the fourth wall breaks with MATEO kind of bother me. It sort of kills the vibe, you know?

    On a brighter note, I've attached a little doodle I did of one particular scene that struck me as rather... I dunno, surreal? Not to mention amusing.
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