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    Emma VanBoven
    (Route 101)
    Emma continues to Oldale Town, he Phanpy at her side. She hears a rustling in the grass, and a crazy Sentret hops out and tackles Roller. "Oh my! A Sentret! It's so cute! I'm, gonna try to catch it, but first I've got to weaken it, so use tackle without letting up Roller." said Emma. Roller was already damaged from the previous battle, so being attacked by the Sentret was a real shocker. Although this may be true, he did not let up with his tackling, but was attacked by the Sentret again. He seemed to be extremely damaged, and Emma then said, "Come back Roller! Good job!" She calls back her Phanpy, and then says to her Pokeball,"You had better keep the Sentret in you Pokeball! GO!" she throws the pokeball, and watches it roll around in the grass a bit.
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