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    I haven't really went to this thread for a while..... This is the first critique on this type of game, so I may not make any sense.

    First off, this hack isn't that bad though with the plot and the movesets you gave to the Pokemon. They are set perfectly and good for those that really need a good STAB move. But are you going to raise up the attacks a bit higher though? It's a suggestion.

    Second, I sort of have no problem with the bugs of this game since it's not noticeable and it doesn't cause distractions.

    Now, I'll say a few things, so don't jump on me. The tiles of the places I go to are slightly bland in my opinion, except for the desert.

    They look pretty light and sort of lack detail into it. Second, the sprites are a tad short. Some are weird in the battle scenes that lack details as well.

    Last, I don't want to be a bragger, but the difficulty is a bit too much on where I was about to get the third badge. The Pokemon are slightly overpowered in this game.

    I faced other hacks like this, but it doesn't add it to the fact that they're too strong and there isn't much of a place to EV train my team.

    Overall, you didn't have to take this in consideration. I'm saying on what I think of this hack since it's a big success and it's unique. I prefer adding Physical/Special Class split since you're adding new moves and Pokemon that heavily rely on those based off of how high their stats are.