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Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
How did I miss this?!
It was only approved earlier today so you haven't missed much don't worry :D

Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
This looks and sounds amazing. Is The Hanged Man considered to be one of the "powerful" cards? Because it certainly allows for a lot of survival, but isn't very effective in retaliation to combat.
Really it's up to you how you choose to take the power (as in whether they become intangible as a result of bordering on death or if it's just in response to any desperate situations such a rock falling from a cliff or whatever [likely on an island, right? xD]), so if you were to make it so the power only occurs when the character is about to die then you'd be able to have more secondary powers than if it occurred in response to any dangerous situation. It also depends on how long you choose for the intangibility to last, to what extent it has an effect (so if their whole body becomes intangible or if it's just the effected area and they're left vulnerable at other areas), whether they have to be aware of the danger or not to activate it (eg getting stabbed in the back may not activate it), etc. It's one of the more customisable cards in the sense that you have pretty much full control over how this one works, so really it's up to you how powerful you want to make it, just include how the power works as the "How the powers have manifested so far" section of the history and make sure the secondary skills keep it balanced. In general though, it's a card which allows for average secondary skills since survival is a great benefit, but it doesn't give much help in combat other than that. :3
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