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Here is my SU, I rotated like 4 different cards lol
Name: Annabelle Belizaire (Anna)
Age: 18
Appearance: Anna is half black and half white (caramel skin) with dark hair that extends past her shoulders. She tends to wear street clothes that have been tattered and worn out, though she this is because of her pass time activities and not lack of money. Her hair is not nicely brushed by the end of the day, though if you catch her in the morning it would be very surprising for you to recognize her. (Excluding the fact that her mark is on the side of her neck below her ear, easily visible). She carries around a bag that has books, pencils, and empty journals, a rope, and occasionally there would be some candy or other treats (likely stolen, unless it is a pastry). A medium sized golden labrador retriever follows her around the city but is incapable of aggression.
Personality: Anna loves her dog, math, writing, and harmless chaos. She spends most of her time in the economic sector and recording what random people buy. When asked why, she will simply shrug and say, "Because I can." Though harmless there are people who know of her hobby and pay her for certain information regarding it (Wives asking what husbands are buying and vice versa, along with parents asking what their children are buying). Not only does she agree, but she will also record that transaction in case it is needed. Her master do not approve of this information trading and often scolds her.

To classify Anna as a rebel wouldn't be very incorrect. She doesn't do things to go against authority, as a matter of fact she respects the Swords and is an admirer of the family. It would be more correct to categorize her as a free spirit, as she only does what she wants. Normally her activities are benign though she won't think twice about drawing on the wall of a building or stealing small items from stores if her thoughts are into it. She can be very resourceful as well, especially when it is avoiding trouble. She seems to be a target for trouble, because every few days she will get in a fight with some delinquents or run away from angry shopkeepers. As a result she has decent fighting skills, enough to one on one another person and not get OHKOed that is. She has above average athletic skills for her age, and does her best to exercise when she isn't studying or causing trouble.

Anna is not anti-social, easily able to speak to others and even large groups, she just prefers not to listen to people or have any obligations to spend time with people when she doesn't want to. People who have met her claim that she acts much like an innocent ten year old with the mind of veteran mathematician, and indeed she is very immature (though this is a conscious decision on her end and she doesn't really think she is that good at math). She tends to do and say things on a whim without very little thought and she can't ever recall feeling angry or enraged before.

Arcana Card: The Moon
Secondary Effectshe has increased flexibility, agility and endurance along with an increase in her intelligence. Her reaction time is also significantly higher than before. Her fighting skill would be the ability to create a small, weak energy field around her skin (capable of protecting from a fall, punch, knife stab or one arrow, but not very effective against a card holder with super strength, or a normal person with a sword or blunt weapon). She doesn't have an increase in strength, overall knowledge of fighting, or hand-eye-coordination.
Ability to control powers: Her use of the power is limited, it takes much time for her to find memories as each mind is different. It could take an our to simply find a name that was forgotten, thus she usually practices on volunteers who go on break and wish to remember something pleasant. Occasionally if she looks someone in the eye, there is a chance she could see his or her past, though this rarely happens and usually gives a name or event that she wouldn't have knowledge to use anyways.
Section of the house & position: Apprentice of the coin
History on the island: Anna was raised by a banker who taught her all of the ins and outs of managing, counting, and recording money and transactions. As long as she did the day's required work, her master would allow her to do whatever she wanted for the day with very little control. Often she would finish the day's work as quick and efficient as she could, making her master very proud, he often boasted about having a "prodigy apprentice". One day on a whim she broke into the Familigia's mansion on a whim, wishing to see what it looked like. At the time she was seventeen so when one of the guards saw her, they assumed she was a malicious person. When the guard went to apprehend her, she used her wit and athletics to outmatch him. After defeating him she explained what she was doing in the castle, apologized for breaking in and explored the house (with him tied up). Since it was night time, there wasn't too much activity but she did run into an occasional cook or servant who paid her no mind. After a good look, she decided she wanted to be a part of the house (only hearing rumors of the cards) and set out to find the head of the house. She stole a maid's uniform and looked around.

Eventually she bumped into Luca, who she mistook for the head of the house. She promptly asked for a position in a humble manner. Luca took her to see the "Papa". Though when she met him she couldn't quiet figure out what was wrong with him, so out of fear of insulting him she did not speak. Luca pulled her out, "What is the matter young lady? Does he really scare you so?" He said ever so kindly.

"Sir I did not say anything because what I would have said would surely have insulted him." Luca had laughed at the comment which made her confusedly ask, "No disrespect but what is so funny?"

"Well you beat up and tied one of our guards, broke into our house, and" He looked her up and down, "Stole a maid's uniform, and you were afraid of talking because you would insult him?" He laughed again, "Normally thieves do not act so polite."

"Sir, I am not thief I swear on my money, I wished to see what people lived in this manner one day, so I bought a rope and came in. As for the guard, he threatened to kick me out, so I tied him up. I was not going to keep this uniform either, seeing as it is much to soft and I would ruin it on my climb out the window."

"What of the front door?" He asked, "Would it have occurred to you that we may have allowed you a small tour?"

She thought for a moment, "It didn't neccisarily come up, though even if it had I wouldn't have done it. It would have been boring to follow a servant, this is much more exhilarating." She swung her arms and turned side to side, "I think you would do the same too because all people want to adventure, some are just afraid to do it."

"I can't say I'd want to break into my own house my dear, but I admire your honesty. What is your name?"

"Annabelle Belizaire, but only call me Anna, not Bell or Ann, but Anna. I live in the trade district with my master who is a banker." Anna held her hand out to shake his, "I do not wish to shake your hand, though this is the respectful gesture I was taught."

He laughed again and grabbed her hand, "Well thank you for the respect! Why don't you go in and talk to Nova now? I promise you that if you show this kind of politeness and honesty he will surely forgive you for breaking into his house, he may even invite you to the family."

"Very well, but you must stay out here, I do not wish for a crowd." She entered the room, though she didn't close the door, "Sir Nova, can I ask for your attention?"

"Why so formal" He had asked, "I believed you did not wish to talk to me."

"Well I was afraid of insulting you by bringing up your frailty, though I guess eithe way I am in trouble" She bowed her head, "Even though you are weak right now, you still demand great respect for surely one who owns a magnificent house as this is a respectful person!"

"Well as polite as that is, do you really not know who I am? What this house houses?"

"I heard it was a family of heroes, with great power and intelligence. Though I believe that to be rumor, for surely a family with great power would care less for this island. To be honest I think I care for this island more than any power or person out there." She really did love the island, though was not familiar with the history.

"What would you do with power? Would you use that love for the island to fuel your power and keep it safe?"

"That is a silly question sir, I wouldn't need power to feed off my love for this island."

"Do you have good memories of this place?"

"Yes sir, I have never felt anger toward the people, I love it here."

"Hold out your hand dear." He bestowed upon her the moon card, "You will be able to weed out the good memories of our residence."

As time went on, they eventually allowed her to stay in the house, though she still found using the front door to be incredibly lame, and just climbed through her bedroom window. She still spent most of her days in the city and helping her master, though now she would play through the houses corridors, city streets, and back allys. Her powers were time consuming, and she only perfected using her energy for defense reasons, making small energy fields. Her increased physical ability allowed her to learn various fighting styles and her increased intelligence allowed her to quickly solve math and strategical problems, making her known as the child fox due to her childlike hobbies and cunning nature.

She still loves the island with all of her heart, along with er dog, and her freedom. Though she feels that bad times are coming.
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