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    Aaand here it is.

    Sign up form:
    Name: Oda Baldotter

    Age: 30.

    Appearance: Oda is a woman of 5'8, with lanky limbs and lean muscles hidden beneath her clothes to maintain the illusion of being a waif. As is traditional of her heritage, her face is slender with high cheekbones upon pale skin, with a narrow-yet-elegant nose. Her lips are thin and often left without make-up, while her hair hangs in a long brunette braid, giving her a simple appearance to match cool blue eyes that shimmer with wisdom older than her face.

    She prefers to wear long, flowing clothes that cover up her form; for both elegance and the aura of command that such clothes imply. This is normally characterized by a military coat that hangs over her shoulders like a shroud, with a buttoned white shirt beneath and a long-sleeved black top beneath that. Her legs are covered by a pair of slim jeans that end with a pair of simple black shoes with a strong grip. The only weapon Oda carries casually is a short-sword attached to a strong belt, along with pouches of various general survival gear.

    Oda's arcana mark is emblazoned across her back, in simple black with the Hanged Man's silhouette. However, it changes with each inch of power she gains; slowly shifting from a genderless silhouette to a reflection of Oda herself.

    Personality: Oda is a firm but gentle woman, borne from her time spent being trained by talented warriors. Despite the apparent kindness of her smile to any who might approach for aid, she treats most situations as though they are a puzzle waiting to be solved; on the lookout for clues that might aid or suspicious items to be investigated. Any time she's able to, Oda will prioritize the young and the weak to keep them away from danger, but her time spent killing in defense of Regalo has given her the coldness of heart to judge when something can be more valuable than the immediate loss of lives.

    Because of the seriousness with which she approaches all things, Oda has few friends amongst those in the Sword Sector, but has their respect; save for when she's studying instead of working or training. To anyone in the other sectors, she appears as an atypical officer with a slightly softer touch for civilians and a no-nonsense approach to politics; she is not often chosen for talks with the other sectors unless there's an immediate security concern.

    In her spare time, Oda plays the piano in many of its incarnations, to portray the melancholy of her personal situation to the world. She frequently requests meetings with Luca, to help her in the study of The Hanged Man tarot and to quell the unease The Hanged Man has brought her each step of the way; with the state of the family, Luca is often unavailable, so Oda spends the time going for walks across the island with only her thoughts and arcana mark to keep her company.

    Arcana Card: #12: The Hanged Man

    Secondary Effects: Since gaining control of her powers, Oda has ceased aging; while this has so far given her five extra years of youth, her body has ceased going through cycles; rendering her barren. In a crue balance, she can give no more life to the world, but is unable to enter death. Over the years, her body and mind have entered a complete stasis that stops anything from interacting directly with her mental state. Although she possesses no superhuman strength or agility, like other members of the Famiglia, this Adept of Swords has complete control over her own form, save for the card that gave her these abilities in the first place.

    Ability to control powers: Having had thirteen years to learn her Arcana, Oda is quite skilled at controlling it; but she did not choose The Hanged Man so much as it chose her. With each aspect she learned, another was forced on her. At first, her intangibility came only through sheer force of will, but she eventually taught it to react by itself; any danger to come to her form would simply make Oda turn intangible.

    While this was excellent at first, the revelation of her unchanging form revealed the hidden horror. Were she to love, they would pass on eventually and leave her with a broken heart. She could not raise her own child to pass the Arcana onto, leaving her stranded with its presence. So, while she has much control over The Hanged Man, Oda fears what may come with the years.

    Section of the house & postion: The Adept of Swords

    History on the island: Oda was born in her native Sweden, to the family that had long not produced a member of the Arcana Famiglia, but whose first child had borne the arcana mark of The Hanged Man. Oda was born after the death of her father's older sister, while her uncle then possessed the arcana mark of The Hanged Man and left for the island of Regalo. Since her father suspected he would have to move to Regalo next, and would die eventually, he began to train Oda in the art of fencing and general fitness.

    Oda took to it quite well, and was quite the swordswoman by her thirteenth birthday, but her Uncle died before he could visit, leaving Oda's father as the next bearer of The Hanged Man. They moved to Regalo island, where Oda could train properly with the House of Swords and worry in her free time about the fate of the last of her grandparent's three children; her own father. On her seventeenth birthday, her father died, and she was left as the sole remaining member of the family, and a talented recruit of the House of Swords.

    Over the next years, with the discoveries of her powers, Oda began a fixture of the family, yet was refused access to a commanding position, thanks to the lack of stability of the last three holders of the card. However, years continued to pass and she showed herself to be far more potent than any of her other family members, and she was allowed the title of Adept, giving her support in the form of a very talented soldier and the freedom to act on the Sword Sector's wishes as she saw fit. While she took this title with gusto, her concerns about The Hanged Man continue to loom...
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