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    Route 601.

    Mom always called it the safest route in the Zetsuna region. Chrome could clearly see why. Almost every Pokémon he encountered was as small as Pichu. That didn't stop the mouse from outright zapping the large majority of them. He was quite the fighter, even disobeying Chrome at times to attack wild Pokémon. Whenever he became too scrappy, Chrome would simply return him to his pokeball for a time-out.

    Chrome didn't spot any Pokémon that he wanted to catch in particular. But then again, he rather not be catching Pokémon at all. Still, if he was going to continue his journey, he would need to have at least two more Pokémon before getting to Nova City. Chrome was not excited at all by the dull task of searching through the herd of Pokémon to find one he liked. Maybe it was best that he just catch one of the Starly or Rattata and call it a day.

    Suddenly, he spotted a noticeable green Pokémon waddle pass. It was a Snivy. Chrome pulled out his pokedex to confirm. He suddenly remembered what Prof. Nemo said earlier. It was getting harder to find a Snivy. Even being disinterested in Pokémon, he wouldn't dare pass up on such a rare opportunity. Even if he didn't like it, he knew that Prof. Nemo would definitely appreciate it.

    Chrome called out Pichu from his pokeball. Pichu had long calmed down from his initial hot-blooded will to fight and was a bit more collected. He even seemed to be a bit obedient, awaiting orders from Chrome.

    CHROME: Pichu, use Thundershock!

    Chrome quickly discovered his first lesson that day. Grass Pokémon are naturally resistant to electricity. This was made apparent by Snivy's cold reaction to the attack. After easily shaking it off, it unleashed a flurry of sharp leaves directed at Pichu. Pichu moved to all fours and began running at a sprightly speed in an effort to dodge them. It was then that Chrome concocted another idea. Capitalizing on Pichu's speedy dodge, Chrome called out the next attack.

    CHROME: Pichu, use Quick Attack!

    Quickly, Pichu charged at Snivy with full speed. The impact knocked Snivy to the ground, but the assault continued. Pichu began volleying Snivy around the grass until it was too dizzy to stand. Chrome took no time to throw his pokeball at the fainted Pokémon. Once it touched Snivy, a red light seemed to grab hold of the Pokémon and cradle it inside. The mood became a bit intense. The ball shook once. Pichu stood ready to attack again. The ball shook twice. Chrome became a bit more nervous. The ball shook for a third time.

    Snivy was captured.

    Pichu celebrated the first capture with an entertaining dance that Chrome had never seen from him before. He seemed to be changing with each passing second. Then again, so did Chrome. Here he was catching his first Pokémon. Just yesterday, he would be stuck in his room playing video games at this point in the day. He thought about doing an entertaining dance too, for a moment. Though, the occasion hadn't been as joyous to him as it was to Pichu. As he picked up the captured Pokémon, he noticed Nova City in the distance. He was almost there.

    ????: Hey, kid! Wait up!

    Chrome turned around to a man with a stylistic sense of taste. Dressed down in a black button-up and pants, his outfit was only contrasted by his green lab coat and thick-rimmed glasses. It was pretty snazzy for a man walking around a grassed area. The thing that stood out about him, however, was the "G" imprinted on his lab coat. A pretty nice design.

    ????: I noticed that you caught that Snivy. Well, me and my team could use that Pokémon for our research.

    CHROME: Team?

    ????: Well, yes, we're the Green Team.

    Even Chrome felt that the name lacked a sense of creativity.

    CHROME: It's not that I don't want to help, but this is the first Pokémon I caught on my own.

    ????: In that case, I guess I'll have to take it from you.

    Chrome was immediately shocked by the statement as the mystery man released his Shedinja from a pokeball. Pichu snapped back into seriousness.

    ????: Shedinja, use Shadow Ball!

    Pichu barely dodged the ball void of light.

    CHROME: Pichu, Thundershock!

    At such a range, Chrome figured this attack should work well. However, it was here that Chrome would learn his second lesson of the day.

    The attack seemed blocked by an invisible force. The mystery green man had a smirk on his face.

    ????: Shedinja has a nice little ability. It's called Wonder Guard.

    What the man said, Chrome's pokedex confirmed. If he didn't have any move that was within weakness, all of his attacks were basically useless.

    Shedinja followed up with another Shadow Ball. Pichu was helpless and unable to defend, taking the attack full on. He was knocked back next to Chrome as the trainer worried.

    CHROME: Pichu, are you okay?!

    Pichu got up and let off a weak smile, poised to battle again. Chrome didn't want to push the little guy too hard, but it would be difficult to escape those two. And with Wonder Guard, they wouldn't be able to do much of anything to them . . . unless . . .

    CHROME: Hey Pichu, you wouldn't by any chance have a dark-type move up your sleeve, would you?

    Suddenly, Pichu's demeanor changed. He looked at Chrome and gave a fiendish smirk. Immediately after, from his fur, Pichu pulled out a ball filled with electricity and threw it directly at Shedinja.

    ????: You should know by now that electric-type attacks don't wo-

    The ball shattered across Shedinja's body, surprising the mystery man.

    Chrome's pokedex beeped, indicating the move that Pichu had used. It wasn't an electric attack. The move he used was Fling. He threw whatever item he held on to at the time. And what he had was a "light ball".

    Chrome and Pichu then took this time to run away towards Nova City.

    ????: Shedinja, quick, stop them!

    Shedinja was unable to respond. The electricity the ball held managed to paralyze it and it couldn't make any moves. The mystery man attempted to chase after, but he couldn't compare to the speed of Chrome with his brand new running shoes. Chrome would really have to thank Mom when he got the chance.
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