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    Aria was already in Ecruteak City. She was sitting on a bench near the entrance to the Tin Tower. Mizu was sitting in her lap as Aria pet the Vaporeon. Draco was watching Tekina dance, and Sky-wave was sitting in the lake nearby.

    Mizu looked up at it's trainer with expectant eyes. Aria chuckled. "Ok, ok..." Mizu hopped off as the girl stood up. She got her violin case from her back, took out the violin, got into position, and played. It was a calm tune. Mizu's tail moved in time to the music. Draco and Sky-wave simply watched, and Tekina danced to accompany the song.

    "Excuse me, mam?"

    Aria stopped playing, and looked up to see one of the Kimono Girls. "Yes?" The woman and Aria sat down on the bench. "I'm Naoko. I heard your violin, and recognized that song. Is that not the tribute song to the legend of Ho-oh?" Aria nodded. "I come from Hoenn, but Johto's myths were the ones that I loved the most." Naoko smiled. "Would you like to play that song during the Suicune Tribute?"

    Aria's eyes sparkled. "Of course!" Naoko beamed. "Great!"
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