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She was indeed a reference to something, although it wasn't a game or movie. It was a reference to 4chan's /vp/ board, where (at least at one point) it was common to see posts like this:

Originally Posted by anonymous
Are you simgle, Master?
I don't go to 4chan that often by any means, but since someone there did a livestream of them playing it after I posted a link to it on /vp/ I figured I would add in a reference to /vp/ while I was fixing the bugs they found.

Some of the references to my other works are in Kanto, though. Some people in Viridian City have the exact same dialogue they have in the current demo of Secrets and Rumours, someone refers to a trainer finding a rare Pokemon on the docks 3 years ago (another reference to SaR), My NPC refers to SaR as if it were Red Version in the entrance to the Pal Park. There are others too, those are just a few.

There are also a few hints at the upcoming prequel, Pokemon Spirits and Legends. For example, the Ace Trainer in the Secret Base uses the Default name of the protagonist from that hack. Ragged Clif Gate talks about coming back in warmer weather, because those routes will be available in the prequel (when it isn't snowy). There are a few more references I've included while working on the update as well.

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