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    That was a nice battle!

    Zephyr went to level 12!
    Trapinch went to level 11!

    (even if you lose, your pokemon still gets exp. ^^)

    Kaiba obtained a Axew (Dragoon)! (Lv.10, M)

    Dragoon went to level 11!

    That... is a tough Axew. xD

    City of Guilds - Dahngrest

    Setting: Just beyond the woods lies Dahngrest, a guild city home to many guild headquarters, notably the Guild Union, which is governed by the Five Master Guilds: Altamira, the most prominent guild in the Union, Fortune's Market, a guild specializing in marketing and sales, The Explorer Gate , a guild which excavates gold, silver and other valuable materials from ruins, Night Wing, a rarely seen blacksmithing guild, and the Dark Alliance, a secretive guild consisting of mercenaries and assassins. Dahngrest was built by Altamira, and as a result, they hold the most power in the city and frequently govern guild policies. Altamira's leader, Don Blackstar, is in charge of the Union.

    Story: It's becoming night time in the city of the guilds, as soon, sounds of galloping horses rode by young knights can be heard by the residents of the city. Soon, the young knights arrived in the city, as they settled their horses, and grouped up together, heading towards the guild union. The guild members and the other residents of the city watched in question and disgust as the youngest knight traveled alone past the big buildings and inns, all the way towards the guild union, where Don Blackstar was said to await. Soon he arrived, as he was greeted with the faces of the Don, his right-hand man, and his henchmen.

    "Don Blackstar," the young knight greeted, as he then keeled on his left knee. "I am Renton, the imperial captain of the Zaphias Knights."

    "As yes, the captain of dogs," the Don replied, sitting on his guild union court chair. "I already told the lot of ya: we have no business joinin' the knights. Not after what you lot did to us."

    "I understand that sir," Renton acknowledged. " The buisness that we have today is to ask you about a man named Siegfried."

    "Siegfried... yeah, of course I know the guy," The Don replied, with what it looked like a hint of disgust. "He's the leader of the Dark Alliance, of course. What about em'?"

    "There has been a long stream of LATIOS technology stolen from major cities for nefarious deeds," Renton explained. "We have reason to believe that Siegfried and his Dark Alliance are the cause behind this. So, we have come to ask that the Union replenish all ties with the Dark Alliance. You may not know this, but other guilds have begun to follow Siegfried's example, abusing LATIOS technology, and their pokemon to commit crimes, and disrupting the order of society. If we can count of your assistance, I feel that together, we can put an end to the Dark Alliance."

    "Siegfried...tch," Blackstar grumbled. "He has been testing the limits of my patience lately.I think its time to remind that brute on how a proper guild behaves."

    "Just the other day," Renton began once again. "A clash between the guild sand the empire was avoided largely because of your intervention. However, if Siegfried is left unattended, the relations between our two states may yet again be torn apart."

    "Well... that's not gonna be fun for anybody," the Don replied as he rubbed the beard hair on his chin.

    "The time of stopping Siegfried is now.

    "Since we'll be cooperating with ya on this," the Don asked. "I assume we'll be on equal grounds with the empire too?"

    "Yes sir."

    "Hmph. If that's the case," the Don continued. "I think a united front with the empire might not be such a bad idea."


    "Yeah," the Don agreed. "We'll deal with this together." He then turned to his second in command - a young lady who seemed like in her 20s. "Hey, send a letter to the Duce in Triumphos. Tell her that Triumphos is gonna help us."

    "Yes sir!" the lady said with a bow, as she quickly, yet quietly exited the union door. Renton walked up closer to the Don, taking out a letter from his pocket.

    "Sir, I bear a letter from His Highness of the imperial throne." Renton explained, giving said letter to the Don.

    "A letter from the imperial candidate, huh? Hm..." the Don recognized. But then, his expression changed as he began to read the letter. "If Don Blackstar is taken out of the picture, we are willing to overlook the Union's responsibility in the Siegfried affair."

    "Wh-what?!" Renton choked as he siezed the letter. He then began to shake in fear... and anger as he read the letter to himself. "What... what is this--"

    "Hahah! Don't make me laugh!" the Don roared playfully. "Well, it appears that you and the young master see things a bit differently."

    "B-but!" Renton hesitated to say. "There must be some mistake! His highness would never--"

    "Show our guest to his own private suite!" the Don ordered, as two of his henchmen seized Renton by his arms.

    "Don Blackstar, please listen to me!" Renton begged. "This is some kind of trap!"

    "Enough!" the Don roared. "All-out war with the empire! We'll take everything we've got and march on to the imperial capital! Try and make a fool out of me?! I'll tear these little messengers limb from limb!"

    Mission: When you arrive in Dahngrest, it's time to get your first symbol! To get your symbol, you'll have to go to the Guild Union, where you'll have to fight against Don Blackstar.

    Don Black Star


    -Faint Attack
    -Fire Punch


    -Light Screen
    -Thunder Punch


    -Horn Attack
    -Take Down
    -Tail Whip
    -Ice Fang

    You can make this battle on however you want it to be - 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. You are also allowed to bunny him (as in, you don't have to wait for me to do your symbol battle). When and if you win, you'll be awarded:

    The Ambiguity Symbol! But wait until the next part comes up! (something interesting will happen!)

    Optional Mission:

    The other guilds have a sort of... mini-tournament that's been going on. The winner of this battle royale will receive a special pokemon, sponsored by LATIOS:

    Lv. 20
    - Conversion 2
    - Psybeam
    - Tackle
    - Recover

    If you want, you can take part of this battle royale tournament, where basically, you face a bunch of trainers all at once, (your choice of them!) where it's basically every man for himself! However, be ware that only one person will get this pokemon, so first come, first serve!

    What you may, may not, can try, and must do in Dahngrest:

    - You must battle the don
    - You may battle in the tournament
    - You may create NPCs
    - You may interact with other roleplayers here; as long as both of you agree.
    - You may also create your own sidequests if you wish


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