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Quick Announcement
Hey there guys, hope that you're all enjoying the Member of the Year festivities! First of all, we'd like to inform you that there's been a slight amendment to the rules as seen in the first post. There are some members exempt from winning the main Member of the Year category, and so we'd like if you all voted accordingly.

With that said, I have a few things to reiterate. When voting in Member of the Year, remember to take into account that we want to see members who deserve to win the categories, win them, and so please be considerate with who you choose and don't necessarily go straight to your friends or who is in your general clique. On that note, we are strongly against members hinting at or asking for people to vote for them. Nor do we want you to advertise MotY and your involvement. It would be nice to see a completely open poll where we give everybody the chance!

If you have any questions, then feel free to PM myself or Forever. Hope you all enjoy MotY, and best of luck!
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