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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    @Lilizuki: If you want someone to interact with your character, this is a good place to ask around--or better yet. You can look at the character list and even search up someone's character SU to decide which character seems interesting to you.
    Actually, WolfOfEve's character mentioned going to the cafeteria and he did multiple times in this thread. I figured they could meet up there, but I probably should have mentioned it here. *oops*

    Originally Posted by OrangeNess View Post
    Where should Orange train his Bonsly? It's like level 13 and is totally underleveled.
    Pairing up with somebody who has a counter for grass types and heading to the forest seems like the best bet; plenty of bugs to squish. You could also look for somebody in-game who knows Pokemon to learn what's needed for Bonsly to evolve, 'cause it needs to learn Mimic to do so.