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Thanks for your feedback guys, I have taken it in to concideration and realised that it did need a bit of remapping. So, this has been changed and there is now a new way to get the Magikarp. (Note on this point: I was thinking of adding in the following, you start with pokemon then go on a hunt for the magikarp - but then I realised you guys need to start with the magikarp so that was quickly scrapped.)

So now theres a whole new path to follow and will be quite a few new areas! So keep the ideas comming and if you have any ideas you want to chip in just let me know and I'll think about it.

Also take in the fact I am English. So there will be a few differences in spellings and such. Mainly with the 's' and 'z' things.

Think thats it... I have been working on it since it was posted for the quick beta and it has been changed dramatically since.

So that is all until the next update. And again, thanks for the feedback!