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Ragnaros may be right. Noctus might be in the Thieves Forest. It was tempting, to try and go there, but given the scale of possibilities of what could be going on there, Zane decided against it. They all had a set plan. It wouldn't benefit anyone to change it now.

"He may be there. He may not. I don't think it's wise to go there for now." He turned away from the direction of the forest and looked over Bloodthirster and Sword and Shield. "I'll see you both in a few hours." He told them, and walked off. There were a few places he wanted to go in Albia. His first destination was the Hall of Albia, where Generals Hazone and Belas were. He wanted to relay to them what the Gold Tribe had decided to do. He also had to tell them what they had found out in the Golden Catacombs. After locating the Generals, he greeted them, and told them the entire story, as well as his intentions. Needless to say, they were a bit speechless.

"By Arceus..." General Hazone managed to say, shaking his head in disbelief. " all this time. That is why they attacked..."

"Quite a tale." Belas added. Now pacing back and forth, thinking about what he had just heard. "And by securing this...Gold Crystal, we'll be able to stop this madness?"

"That is what was written, yes." Zane answered.

"Then your course is clear. To Cape you must go. But be careful. The situation there is a lot more complicated than in Eternity or here in Albia."

"What do you mean?" Zane asked.

"When the Silver Tribe first invaded almost 2 years ago, they came from the north, and their first target was Cape City and the surrounding villages there, before proceeding south and destroying Shine City, thereby cutting off Gold City and its surrounding villages from the rest of Valkaria. When they did their initial attacks, they weren't out to conquer or claim, but to destroy. Hundreds of smaller villages around Cape and Shine City were destroyed, leaving thousands displaced and without homes. When all of Valkaria was soon taken, the refugees who had nowhere to go filled Cape City, even if it was under the control of the Silver Tribe. Now, Cape City is the refugee center of the world. Our scouts report that the city is filled with them, to the point where all homes are filled, and even then there isn't enough room, so many find their homes on the streets. To top it off, the Silver Tribe seem to have no interest in governing, the city almost without food and food riots occasionally breaking out, though they are often quelled by the Ancients in a small amount of time. Cape is a boiling pot. It need to be liberated, probably more so than any city before us, or after. But the problem is, conventional attacks as we've done before will result in an unacceptable number of civilian casualties. And there lies the problem."

"So, what will you do?"

"At the moment, we're not sure. As you may have heard, the bulk of the Ancient armies actually inhabit the underground city, Anciena City, that we uncovered about 100 years ago. If we were somehow able to navigate through the underground caverns, and hit them directly there, we could save hundreds of lives. But no one knows those underground caverns. They're a labyrinth. appears we will have to use a direct approach. How much it pains me to say."

"What if we found out another way?" Zane asked.

"If you did, you have to inform us." Hazone replied, pulling out his map of Valkaria. "While you're in Cape City, we'll send our armies through the areas, taking back any villages we find. We'll have scouts on alert posted nearby the city limits. I'll mark the locations on your map. If you figure out something, let us know, and we'll gather our armies together as fast as we can. However, if by a weeks time we hear no reply from you, we will attack Cape City conventionally."

Zane nodded. "Understood." It would be another task the Gold Tribe would have to do while in Cape City. He couldn't allow that many Pokemon to die in their liberation, no matter how much they were suffering. He began to head for the door, needing to pack.

" more thing, Vigil." Belas began saying. Zane stopped and looked back at Belas. "We've gotten reports from the outer edges of the Thieves Forest. About three days ago, Commander Kivir Sveenis engaged with Silver Tribe forces led by Sentinels as part of our distraction plan. There...were unfortunately no survivors."

Zane's eyes opened wide at the news. He nodded in understanding, and walking out of the Hall silently. As soon as he reached outside, he pulled out Kivir's medallion he had in his bag, recalling the last conversation he had with him. On brotherhood. On the brotherhood of the Tribe. It was a rather heated discussion on that. Kivir didn't share the same ideals of the Gold Tribe, even though Zane knew they fought for the same thing, and with the same passion. Yet Kivir made sure to make the distinction between himself and the Gold Tribe. Their goal was the same, but the ideals, trials, traditions, and experiences that all Gold Tribe members hold onto that defines their brotherhood. Whatever Kivir chose to be, it was a constant reminder to Zane that though the Gold Tribe may be the driving force of peace and freedom in Valkaria, there will always be remarkable individuals outside of the Gold Tribe, and Kivir was one of those.

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