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    I’m goin’ for it! Tell me if anythingneeds fixing.

    Name: Matthew Wellington

    Nickname: Max

    Age: 11

    Gender: Male

    Region: Sinnoh

    Appearance[/IMG (Credit to PokeCharms for the sprite I edited.)

    Personality: Max is a bit weird and socially awkward. Like Shaymin, he’s reallyshy and does not talk much. But if he warms up to you, he’s really friendly.Max gets terrible grades at the Team Rocket academy in his home town, like inthe D range, but he really shines in science. It’s really weird, but that’s theonly class he actually likes. Max has a tendency to worry about everything, andreally likes being in the “safe zone”. Max likes to read lots about varioussubjects, like fantasy and history. He absolutely loathes Jessie and James fortheir tyrant’s approach to ruling to Sinnoh. He feels it is their fault he isbullied every day at school. He is not the bravest of people, but he will fightfor what he feels is right.

    History: Max grew up in the small town of Celsetic Town with a Team Rocketfather. His father wanted him to grow up to be a great Team Rocket member, butMax was just terrible at everything needed to be a Team Rocket Member. He couldnot battle, talk meanly, or even yell at someone. The kids he went to schoolwith treated him like a bag of dirt, frowning upon him like he just didn’tbelong there. He began to just sit in the fields on Route 210, wondering whatlife would be like if Team Rocket didn’t exist. One day he found a pink flowerin the grass, he thought it was very peculiar, and he decided to keep it. Hehas worn it in his hair ever since. He began to study this flower, and he foundout very little about it, just staring at it for long periods of time,wondering why it wouldn’t wilt like all of the other flowers he had picked tocompare it to. One night, he had a dream of a pokemon whose name he did notknow, telling him to travel to the Kanto region. He wakes up the next morning,wondering about who that pokemon was. He soon realized that the pokemon he hadseen had a flower on it, and it was the same one he had been studying. He wentoff to school that day, and was bullied once again for how awful he was atbeing a Team Rocket member. He goes home, and checks their mailbox. He looksthrough them, finding that most were letters for his father. At the very bottom,though, he finds a letter for him. He stares at it for a while, because nothingever came for him, and he hides it in one of his pocket so no one asks what itis. He walks inside, hiding his letter in his pocket, and gives the otherletters to his father. He dashes up to his room on the top floor, and reads theletter. To his surprise, it told him to travel to the Kanto region, like thedream he had last night. It told him that he would be one to help bring downTeam Rocket. He pondered the idea for a long time, and decided a world withoutTeam Rocket would be a happier world. He then thought about how many peoplethis would put out of work, but he thought it was still a good idea. But, thenhe thought about his dad, and how awful his dad would feel that he would notbecome a Team Rocket. He decided that bringing them down was for the best, andhe snuck off in the middle of the night and dashed to the nearest port. Hedoges everyone he sees for the next few days until he reaches Sunnyshore City.He then had second thoughts about leaving, how could he, a mistake of a person,help bring down the entire government? Maybe he should just go home, hethought. He then decided this was his big risk, that he wasn’t just going tostand on the sidelines this time, he was going to make a difference. He snuckonto a Team Rocket boat that was going to Kanto and hid in one of the crates.He stays in the box, hoping he wouldn’t get caught.

    Legendary Pokemon: Shaymin

    Password: T, NPC, one

    Other: How am I supposed tobattle Jessie and James at the same time? You know, if I get accepted.
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