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-Beat Blue
-Caught Oddish (HM Slave)
-Beat Lt. Surge
-Passed through Rock Tunnel
-Arrived in Celadon
-Spent a LOOOOONG time in the Game Corner
-Bought Scyther named Mothula
-Caught Pidgey (HM Slave)
-Beat Giovanni at Game Corner
-Beat Erika
-Rescued Mr. Fuji
-KOed Snorlax
-Caught Psyduck (HM Slave)
-KOed Snorlax
-Beat Koga

Current Team:

Mothula (Scyther) Lv. 47
Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Slash, Agility

Manhandla (Venusaur) Lv. 46
Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Leech Seed, Vine Whip

HM Slaves: Oddish (Cut), Pidgey (Fly), Psyduck (Surf, Strength)

Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Dark (Gens I-V), Ghost (Gens I-V), Dragon (Gens I-IV)
One-in-Each Challenge (Gens I-V): Dragonite - Hitmonchan - Gardevoir - Blissey - Beartic
Ultimate Monocolor Challenge: Green (Gens I-V)
Nuzlocke Challenge: Red | Pokédex Challenge: Red, Gold
Ultimate Time Warp Challenge: Medieval Era (Gens I-V)
Current Challenges:
Eevee Ultimate Solo Challenge: 8/8 -
16/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
Flying Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
8/8 - 4/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
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