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    Here's my idea but I doubt anything will come of it... plus it would have to be on Fire Red if anything is to come of it.

    Pokémon Mission Espionage

    You play the role of a Spy for the PIA (Pokémon Inspection Agency)
    Your starter Pokémon: Houndour
    All 386 are in-game but not all are obtainable.
    Your mission is to obtain further information using the Pokédex to record data.
    Example: Beedrill are found in swarms, they are defending their forest.
    Pokédex will be reordered.

    You also find 8 Specific Gyms, defeat them and then make your way to becoming a Real Pokémon Agent by taking on your boss who is the Pokémon Champion.
    You'll get access to a Bagon at some point so you'll learn Fly by evolving Bagon up to Salamence as Fly is removed as a HM.
    Plus... you do wear agent-like uniform.
    You do have to report suspicious activity. You get to take down an Evil Organisation (No Name Yet though will start with the word Team)

    Spoilers are not shown, if you do look at the information hidden, then it's your responsibility as to looking in-depth.
    First Gym - Steel (Replaces Brock)
    Female Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 2
    Best - Skarmory
    Badge Name - Chrome Badge

    Second Gym - Water (Replaces Misty)
    Male Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 2
    Best - Lapras
    Badge Name - Liquid Badge

    Third Gym - Fighting (Replaces Lt. Surge)
    Female Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 3
    Best - Blaziken
    Badge Name - Vitality Badge

    Fourth Gym - Dragon (Replaces Erika)
    Male Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 4
    Best - Kingdra
    Badge Name - Myth Badge

    Fifth Gym - Ghost (Replaces Koga)
    Male Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 4
    Best - Gengar
    Badge Name - Abyss Badge

    Sixth Gym - Normal (Replaces Sabrina)
    Male Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 5
    Best - Ursaring
    Badge Name - Shrine Badge

    Seventh Gym - Fire (Replaces Blaine)
    Female Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 5
    Best - Camerupt
    Badge Name - Blaze Badge

    Eighth Gym - Grass (Replaces Giovanni)
    Male Gym Leader
    No. of Pokémon - 6
    Best - Cacturne
    Badge Name - Leaf Badge

    Teleport, Surf, Flash, Cut and Strength.

    I'll add more into it at some point... just gotta find some maptiles that can be used with permission from the owner.
    I sort of know how I want the map to look. Again I'll get round to this this another time.


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