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Vaporeon, here's yours!

Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon
Legendary with BST under 600
Pokemon who can learn your favorite move
NFE Pokemon
Pokemon from an evil team of your choice that has moves with 70 base damage or less
Pokemon you must give no STAB moves to
Good luck!
Reese Cake, have:

Fossil Pokemon
Legendary with BST under 600
In-game trade Pokemon
Delibird (if you can get it, if not have a Pokemon With No STAB Moves)
Pokemon from evil team of your game with attacks that have 70 base damage or less
Ugly Pokemon (up to your discretion)
Good luck! My update should come later today, by the way! :D
Thanks, Golurk! But you can't get fossil pokemon in HGSS until after you beat the Elite Four, in Kanto, so would you possibly be able to replace that one?

Anyway, here's my team (sans fossil pokemon)

Legendary: Mew (It's BST is 600... Is that okay?)
In-Game Trade Pokemon: Dodrio
no STAB Pokemon: (Delibird is SS exclusive) Wigglytuff
Ugly Pokemon: Feraligatr
Pokemon from Evil Team: Houndoom
Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon: Mamoswine