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Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Welcome to the challenge! Liquid Crystal huh? Honestly I've never played that one.
It's a hack made by LinkandZelda, base from FireRed but edited in Johto a GBA remake of crystal with alot of new features and a bit harder (not extreme or something)

Anyways ready for the update,
12-3-12, 1:10
-Recieved PG
-Received Totodile
-saved Elm's number
-Got potion from Elm's AIDE
-passed through route 29
-Arrived in Cherylgrove
-passed through route 30
-made it to Mr. Pokemon's house
-Recieved Togepi egg and Pokedex
-battled Rival (owned me twice)
-Snitched Silver too the cops and gave the Togepi egg to El,
-Got Six balls from AIDE
-got permission to travel Johto from mom
-caught Beldum (released Totodile) (Hax)
-caught Skarmory (Hax)
-battled trainers of route 30
-lost 3 times against route master (damn Charmander embered my team death)
-Arrived at Violet
-Owned sprout tower
-Destroyed Violet City GYM LEADER Falkner
-Recieved Badge and Togepi egg

Now on my way to Union cave to catch a LEGIT Aron
I feel pretty bad for Falkner he stoond no chance while my Pokemon were much weaker....
NAAAHH this is the first step of taking the head of Lance!!

Gliscor is boss. Period.
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