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When you already carry six Pokémon and you catch another one, it will be automatically teleported to the box. Therefore, I used to think that the Pokémon is not actually located in a PokéBall - the PokéBall is like a portal. This means when you send a Pokémon into the PokéBall, it is teleported somewhere - maybe to a storage of Pokémon (a storage like the farms in the movie "Matrix" where the Pokémon dreaming in a preserving liquid).

Then I thought the PokéBall dehydrated the Pokémon like the other experiments in the series "Lilo & Stitch". But in Pokémon there's no hint for dehydrogenation. Pokémon become digitized.

Pokémon are stored on the PC in a digital form. When it really work like that I have only one explanation:
The Pokeball scans the Pokémon at the moment in which it's send back to the PokéBall (in the series the red stuff that encase the Pokémon) and get all informations about the Pokémon - absolutely every information: thoughts, memories, emotions - everything the PokéBall needs to reproduce a perfect copy of the Pokémon. The Pokémon is destroyed and there is nothing left that the Trainer could notice. When you use the PokéBall to "let out" the Pokémon, the PokéBall create a completely new Pokémon that looks just like the old Pokémon, that was destroyed. This new Pokémon even has the memories of the old Pokémon and therefore it believes that it is the old Pokémon. Therefore, it's not afraid of the Pokeball, which destroys it.

What do you think how PokéBalls work?

Thank you for your answers and sorry for my bad english! I hope you could understand what I try to explain.
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