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    Well, while you guys complain about your threads not garnering enough attention, I'm going to talk about something people will give equally as much of a **** about (no offense) Okay, I'm going to try not to be such an ******* this time.

    MOVING ON, a lot of **** happened in the last two weeks. For one my last living grandparent is now dead. My grandmother on my mother's side. Not going to go into detail. I felt nothing about it because I didn't know her. So far, 5 relatives/family members of mine have died and I have felt next to nothing in regards to emotion other than respect for the dead and for more affected loved ones.

    In less significant news, I discovered Mega64 and they've been keeping me sane for the past few days. I've been posting on x360a and Escapist which are both forums I haven't been posting in for ages but in which I have accumulated 100 posts in each in the past two weeks because of boredom.

    My iPod broke beyond repair now. I'm sad.

    I restarted Black 2 and this is my team:

    Level 54 Weavile (Expert Belt) -Jolly-
    ~Ice Punch
    ~Night Slash
    ~Metal Claw

    Level 54 Sandslash (SoftSand) -Careful-
    ~Rock Slide

    Level 53 Starmie (Mystic Water) -Modest-
    ~Thunder Wave
    ~Ice Beam

    Level 53 Genesect (Expert Belt) -Naive-
    ~Ice Beam
    ~Signal Beam

    Level 54 Flareon (Leftovers) -Careful-
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Fire Blast
    ~Flame Charge

    Level 51 Skarmory (Metal Coat) -Adamant-
    ~Steel Wing
    ~Night Slash