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It depends on what how hard happiness can be acheived. Some people are vert=y happy and content with their lives and would be able to buy all the things they want and need which may even make them more happy, however a depressed person might have very little. Happiness is a very subjective thing and sifferent things make different people happy. For example doing things I enjoy like video games, reading, volunteering etc make me happy and as long as I could do these things I could remain happy. As for how it might affect the world, I dunno. Some people in our world today have money and things and arent happy still. I think the world would change depending on the individual person. I think it would limit us, say a person got depressed, they would lose all their money and may not be able to afford things, it may even be dangerous for people. No one can be happy all the time, things happen, people get sad, depressed, etc. and when that happens they could lose all their currency.
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