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Jari Hernandez

#4: A Pokemon?

Jari’s bike skidded to a halt as he arrived at the gym. After half an hour of riding a bike, Jari was exhausted, and just hope that the gym battle would be easier than the traffic he had to go through. He read the sign in the front. Pokemon Steel-Type Gym. Leader: Jasmine. Jari walked into the gym with his Monferno on his shoulder, as usual. As he walked him, a man approached.

“Hi! You see like a newcomer! Here, take this as a souvenir!”
Jari received a Fresh Water!
“Ummm... OK...”
“This heals your Pokemon. Anyway, my name is Clyde, and I introduce most challengers- unless they refuse it.” Clyde’s facial expression seemed to hint at the fact that refusal happened often. “This is Tokyo’s gym, which is a Steel-Type gym. Anyway, the leader, Jasmine, has a...” Clyde took a glance at his clipboard. “A Steelix and a Klang.”
“Thank you, I guess.”
Jari checked his Pokedex app on the phone he was given earlier. Steelix was ground-steel, while Klang was pure steel. “Normally, she has a Pawniard, but it is currently being trained.”
“Alright,” Jari replied. “Let’s take down Jasmine!” Clyde looked at him strangely. Soon enough, Jari was into the main part of the gym.
“You have too much enthusiasm, kid...” Clyde said. He motioned for Jari to wait there as he fetched the gym leader.
“You must be Jari,” she said, keeping her cool. “Good evening.”
“Hey! I would like to challenge you to a battle-” Suddenly, Jari thought logically. “But, I think I’ll do it tomorrow.” Jari figured he couldn't take on the Steelix easily with a Monferno. As he left for a hotel, Jasmine gave a strange look, but calmed her expression and awaited more challengers.

<That night>

“Hello again. Seeing green?” The lizard mocked him.
“Maybe. After that flight I feel like crud. Seriously. Crud.”
“Well, try and, erm, sheesh, I dunno... what should I teach you next?”
“You tell me! I don’t know the extent of my powers.” Jari frowned.
“Well, fine. Hmmm, I guess I should explain the extent of your powers. You are only limited to so much magma before you hit fatigue. About, ummm... a sphere with a diameter of eight feet-ish. I think that’s the correct measurement for you humans... You can also move stone, but only so much. I’d give you, meh, 10 ft diameter sphere. And both of these, strange enough, is only in presence of another...”
“Another wha-”

“Prrrrriiiiinggg! Prrrrriiiiinggg!” The alarm on his phone woke him up at the hotel. With a yawn, Jari got up and shut it off. Monferno was still sleeping, so Jari put him in his Pokeball to sleep more. He didn’t want the Pokemon to be disturbed by a ringing phone or something. He would have to catch his first Pokemon himself. Jari ran towards the forests near Tokyo afterwards, willing to catch any Pokemon that would agree to come along with him on his quest to arrive at the League.

Jari began his trek through the forest in the early morning. He avoided trails and common walking spots, knowing Pokemon would only be found in the actual woods themselves.
“Hello? Anyone? Anything?”
Jari decided to manipulate the earth to his advantage. He used a piece of rock to raise him up to the top of a tree, then slowly got onto it and looked about. He saw a small crowd of Pokemon, but he didn’t want a stampede, especially with reports of Pokemon being more violent than usual. Jari then heard a yell.

“Use Rock Slide, Gigalith!” It was Chan, the guy who had faced the idiot, Mike, in the admission exams. A Rufflet ran away from him, fast enough to evade a lot of the Pokemon's attacks. Jari sat down. That Rufflet was amazing, but it was soon hit by a boulder. However, the force was so large that the bird fell to the ground.
Jari hurriedly climbed down and moved the boulder, pretending to push it as to not cause suspicion. Then, he picked up the Rufflet. It seemed to be unconscious, but still alive. “Damn, it’s hurt... I should treat it.”
“My name’s Chan, nice to meet you.” He suddenly flashed two badges. “I have these for my skills in battling.”
“My name is Jari. What were you doing to this Pokemon?” he interrogated in a sort of police-like way.
“I was going to catch it to cover my weaknesses. This Gigalith and my Excadrill are my only Pokemon, so I wanted to cover more types.”
“Oh... so you were planning on catching it, I see. I’ll take this Pokemon to rest, though. Catch a different one.”
“What the hell, man?! Why?!”
“The way you injured it. It’s not going to like you. Unless...” Jari shook his head. This guy wouldn’t have a Luxury Ball. “Never mind. Good bye.”

With Blaze back on the bed, Jari decided to put Rufflet on the couch. He got an ice pack from the kitchen downstairs and then put it on the Pokemon’s wing. He watched over it carefully, until the point where it woke up.

“Who the hell are you, and why are you with me?”
“You were injured. It was only right to keep you here and help you out.”
“Well I’m as fine as I’ll ever be now, so I’m leaving, bud.” The Pokemon began to flap his wings, but then he fell back down. “Dammit...” he whispered.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get you some medicine or aspirin or something.” He requested a painkiller or something that could heal the Pokemon at the front desk. Thankfully, he got both.
“Here you go. This is going to take about a day to heal you, so you may want to rest up.”
“Hmph. I can do it myself. Most humans try to catch me, but you’re caring for me. You can’t possibly be human.”
“So you’re saying I should a) put you in a PokeBall or b) throw you out the window?”
“Stop being such a smart ass.”
“Stop being such a smart mouth. And I prefer the term ‘intelligently sarcastic’ or ‘intelligently sarcastic person,’ for your information. Or even smart alec.”
“Shut your mouth.”
“What a great relationship."
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