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    Emma VanBoven
    (Route 101)
    "Holy fudge! This sucks! Two Sentrets? This is just.... Grrr! Roller, just focus on the stronger one, I have a plan. Tackle it till the day it bows down to you!" Emma yells in total fury. She is so mad she might as well just explode on the spot. Meanwhile, Roller has his own problems. He is being beaten senseless by the other Sentret. Weak and totally helpless, Roller is on his knees, pleading for his life, and the stronger Sentret is ready to deliver his final blow, and... BAM! Roller hits the guy with a series of Mud Slaps, slapping his face left and right. Emma then says, "Okay, I've got this. Good job Roller! Return!" She calls back Roller, and takes out two pokeballs. "I will not let either of you escape me, after potentially destroying my partner. Go pokeballs!" she says as she throws both of the pokeballs in her hands at the twosome. She waits in suspense for what will happen next.
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