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    Follow Forums Rules
    Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Groups' rules.

    Bad behavior
    Don't spam, troll harass, etc... . Or you will be
    punished by Darkrai.
    Mothers Pokémon often tell the story of Darkrai. If they are not wise, they will soon be punished.

    First warning:
    Happiness of your first Pokémon -20%.
    Second warning
    Happiness of your Pokémon team -40%.
    Darkrai will stole you one badge.
    Your Pokémon will fall asleep.
    That mean that your first Pokémon is frozen.

    Third warning
    Happiness of your Pokémon team -50%
    Darkrai will devour the dreams of your Pokémon. Your Pokémon fainted.
    That mean your last Pokémon will be deleted.
    Darkrai will stole you two badges.

    Fourth and final warning
    Darkrai will use Dark Void. All your Pokémon fall asleep.
    And then, it will devour the dream of your Pokémon team.
    All your Pokémon fainted.
    That mean your Pokémon team will be deleted.
    All your badges are stolen.
    Your actions will be reported to the moderators.

    I understand that these rules are strict, but we are all here to share our love for babies Pokémon.

    You can certainly make small mistakes, and I'll be nice about it. But some sins are not forgiven.
    And you will understand that we are not in a daycare!

    Party size

    As default, you will be allowed to have six Pokémon in your team to the fullest.
    But if you want, you can even keep your favorite Pokémon alone in your team.

    Your babies partners
    Everyone can choose only one partner Pokémon from the list at the beginning. You can aslo name your partners if you want!
    But don't forget, at the beginning, it will be an egg!

    Hidden thing
    If you really read the rules, post this: I love babies Pokémon and Galoria of course :3
    Otherwise, I will invite you to read the rules, which are essential!

    We're on Baby Pokémon Club, try to stay on topic all the time. I invite you to edit your post if you made a mistake.

    As a true breeder, you can earn badges by your actions.
    That mean you can earn badges If I see that you are making efforts.
    If your discussions are detailed, etc... .

    Have fun!
    We're here to share our common feelings: our love for Baby Pokémon!

    Name: Galoria
    Partner Pokemon:
    Partner's nickname: Zuzu
    Your trainer sprite: Caitlin (Say to me want kind of trainer sprite do you want, and then I can pick up in the internet for you)
    Why do you like baby Pokémon?: Even if they're not strong, all is not about strength. They're totally cute and make us smile!
    Do you like all the new systems?: Err..I can not criticize myself, I'm waiting for your reviews about the new systems.
    Answer the current topic: To begin, I will let you try to recognize it.

    I wanted to give a new breath. with new systems that I invented, and I hope they will please you with their originality

    Happiness System:
    First of all: The happiness system is based on your Pokémon. Its outbreak, the Pokémon starts with a total of 20% of happiness. The happiness of your Pokémon can rise or fall. Until then, nothing complicated! This happiness is a percentage system, which will be located next to the name of your Pokemon. More your Pokémon is happy, more easier that your Pokémon will grow up! Note that no baby Pokémon can evolve with the happiness system. Don't forget that we're in a Baby Pokémon Club!

    How it rises:
    The happiness of your Pokémon will rise if you win and participate special events or even the Mystery Egg!

    The happiness of your Party will rise each badge you will earn.

    [1% per badge]

    I will add some updates if necessary!

    How it falls:
    If you're not giving the exemple to your Pokémon, they will not be happy!
    That mean that
    you should not be cold with others.
    [-1% per cold action]

    The happiness of your Pokémon will fall if you do not spend time with it. If you do not post any thread after one week, your team will feel very sad and alone.

    [-5% per week]

    The happiness of your Pokémon will fall if Darkrai spotted you by your wrongdoings

    [-20% if you break the rules one time]
    [-40% if you break the rules one time]
    [-50% if you break the rules one time]

    I will add some updates if necessary!

    How is it calculated
    The more you Pokémon is happy the more that it will earn experience!
    I posted a very good thread about baby Pokémon.
    By default, my earned 56 experience, because I send a very good thread.
    Its happiness is 25%.
    Its level is 4.
    Experience remaining: 2/38 exp.
    So I have to do this:
    56x25/100 = 14

    Experience remaining:

    Level 4: 2 exp. ➜ 38 exp. (70 exp.)

    Level 5: 38 exp. ➜ 65 exp. (27 exp.)
    Level 6: 92 exp. ➜ 103 exp. (0 xp.)
    Now, my Pichu is level 6!
    By its happiness, I gained an extra of 14 experience

    Trainer System:
    First of all: You will have to choose your owner PokéTrainer during your journey to be a Breeder Master.
    There is no peculiarity!

    Shelter system:
    First of all: This is where the Pokémon eggs are stored .
    In your presentation, you will put the egg of the Pokémon you wanted.
    Warning, the names are not given then you can have a surprise!
    If you want to keep the fun, do not look on the internet.
    You can select a new egg after a worthy reward, or the possibility of the point system.

    Egg system:
    First of all: When you get your first egg, and the others, of course, of course you expect the emergence *Too many of course, of course! D:*
    After three posts in the Baby Pokémon Club, when you earned your egg, your egg will hatch! That all!

    Levels system:
    First of all: There are 15 levels in all. They is nothing much to know about, it's a simple guide about experience remainder given to you.

    How it works:

    You posted a thread: 5 exp.
    You posted a good thread: 15 exp.
    You posted a thread as a real breeder being: 35 exp.
    You won 10-40 exp. once you was the first to give the right answer during the current topic: 10-40 exp.
    You won 50/150/250 exp. when you're the winner of an event. Points depends your ranking: 250 exp.
    Random things: ??? exp.
    More will come!

    Level 1
    : Automaticaly earned when your egg hatched.
    Level 2: 0 exp.
    ➜ 6 exp.
    Level 3: 6 exp. ➜ 20 exp.
    Level 4: 20 exp. ➜ 38 exp.
    Level 5: 38 exp. ➜ 65 exp.
    Level 6: 65 exp. ➜ 103 exp.
    Level 7: 103 exp. ➜ 163 exp.
    Level 8: 163 exp. ➜ 258 exp.
    Level 9: 258 exp. ➜ 372 exp.
    Level 10: 372 exp. ➜ 490 exp.
    Level 11: 490 exp. ➜ 633 exp.
    Level 12: 633 exp. ➜ 789 exp.
    Level 13: 789 exp. ➜ 953 exp.
    Level 14: 953 exp. ➜ 1121 exp.
    Level 15: 1121 ➜ 1320 exp.


    Like a daycare our little shelter keeps abandoned Pokémon eggs and ownerless, stolen, lost. Our small eggs need affection. Can you give this to our poor creatures by adopting them?

    Sometimes we're surprised to see rare eggs here. But it's really rare...Maybe you will be the one that you will see it when we will randomly find one? If you see it, don't hesitate to copy and paste the picture and be the first one to get one as a proof of your reward!

    Galoria - - - - Badges -

    CourageHound - - Badges -

    Mononoke Hime - - - Badges -

    Avishka - - -Badges -

    Aryan143 - - - Badges -

    rainerman3 - - Badges -

    WobbuffetWynaut - - Badges -

    Triston1zn - - Badges -

    LilJz1234 - - - - Badges -

    Checkers_Albino_Umbreon - - Badges -

    Kirito-kun - - Badges -

    Chaos Fork - - - Badges -

    vaporeon7 - - Badges -

    ChocolateCrunch - - Badges -

    Eeveelution Co-ordinator - - Badges -


    2 points: Posting
    5 points: Joining
    10 points: New topic ideas
    5-20 points: Contribution for details in your posts
    10-25 points: Banners
    5-15 points: Userbars
    15-30 points: Contribution to events
    10-20 points: Events participation (Loose)
    (Depneds) points: Events participation (Win)
    ???-??? points: Random events.
    10-40 points: "Baby Pokémon Club" link(s) in your signature (Per week)

    And many more will come!


    30 pts:
    Recieve another egg.
    90 pts:
    Happiness +5%
    180 pts:
    Recieve a random Item.
    Recieve a new egg.
    Turn one of your Pokémon into Shiny.
    430 pts:
    Recieve a special item for you main partner.
    510 pts:
    Recieve a new egg.
    630 pts:
    Turn one of your partner into Shiny.
    750 pts:
    Recieve a new egg.
    900 pts:
    Recieve a new egg, turn a Pokémon into Shiny.
    1100 pts: Recieve an old egg. And a big kiss from me! :3

    Given to new newcomers who have registered.

    Breeder Beginner:
    Given to Beginner once they have 50 pts.

    Pokémon Breeder:
    Given to Breeder Beginner once they have 250. Turn one of your Pokémon into Shiny.
    Accomplished Pokémon Breeder: Given to Pokémon Breeder once they have 500 pts.
    Master Pokémon Breeder: Given to Accomplished Pokémon Breeder once they have 750 pts. Turn one of your Pokémon into Shiny. A star will be added near your name.

    Legendary Pokémon Breeder
    : Given to Master Pokémon Breeder once they have 1100 pts, collected all the badges, you will earn a special egg. Turn one of your Pokémon into Shiny.





    Random pictures



    Egg mystery: Which pokemon does this egg is from ? [End in: 03/03/13]

    Question: Which baby Pokémon has the best shiny sprite in your opinion? Why?

    Here is a list of sprites of shiny Pokémon.
    Riolu ~
    Mime Jr.~

    For maintenance and Current Events:
    Tables point and awards uptaded!
    Rules (Need to add some)
    A better navigation will come soon.

    Last update: 02/03/13