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The Thief's Last Stand
The Crusher vs. The King of Thieves

Roswell ran through the roof of the Decreement, hundreds of other thieves doing the same, attempting to make a run for it through the trees. He was confident that the Sentinels wouldn't be able to keep up with them through there. The Thieves Forest was a big place. It would be impossible to find them in it...

Or so he assumed. But as he reached the roof and saw to the edges of the village, the Sentinels did not come alone. They brought their Ancients, scores of them. Roswell watched on from the top of the building as his brethren attempted to escape the madness, only to be slaughtered in the process of the emerging soldiers. As Roswell reflected, he realized something he should have figured out before. Though the Sentinels have been in the Village before in the past, they never knew the way to it on their own. They had to have a thief guide them. Yet now, they appeared to come here out of nowhere. He should have seen this coming! Now, it seems they will pay for it. Roswell jumped off the roof and proceeded to try to find a way out of the village, but the Ancients were coming in too fast, and the Sentinels would be on pursuit soon as well. He could hear the stomping of large feet behind him. Realizing that there would be no place to run, Roswell took a deep breath, and turned to face his enemies. If there would be no place to run for now, they would have to fight their way out.


This was not a place Sovereign wanted to be. Surrounded by small fry and cowards. But he had his orders. There was no need to bother with the majority of the thieves. They would meet their fate while trying to escape. Vera would make sure of that. She had stayed behind to give orders to the Ancients.

Sovereign's only concern was Roswell. The King of Thieves is not so easy to track though. Especially in all this chaos. Raising a sandstorm was not a viable option however, in the situation at hand. It would only serve to hide his target, who himself has a natural resistance to such threats.

A flash of blue fell from the roof of the Decreement, and Sovereign knew that his target was now in sight. He charged in its direction, ready to fight the only individual here worth fighting. He bared his teeth as he charged. He would taste blood this day.


Even among the chaos ensuing in the village, Roswell, managed to pick up the sounds of the giant Tyranitar on approach to him. He remembered the same Tyranitar involved with the ambush he had planned with the Silver Tribe days before. Roswell reacted quickly, ducking out of the way of the charging beast, using his heightened speed to keep his distance from the Pokemon. That would be the only way he could win.

Roswell remained at a distance from the Tyranitar, and then prepared a ball of energy in his arms, focusing his attention to making it as potent as he could in the short time, and then released the Focus Blast right toward his opponent.


Sovereign skidded to a halt as the ball of energy approached. There was no time to dodge. He would have to try and stop it. He opened his jaws and caught the ball with his teeth, clamping down in an attempt to force the energy to disperse. It hurt like hell, but his teeth were probably the hardest part of his body. As he gave one final squeeze, the ball exploaded in his mouth. Roswell's fast, Sovereign thought. But his speed won't amount to anything if I can put him off his footing.

Sovereign gripped his knuckles tight, as he lifted his tail into the air, and swung it into the ground with great force, sending shockwaves deep underground. The earth began to shake violently as Sovereign's Earthquake came full force, collapsing homes and displacing the ground they stood on. "You put so much faith in your speed, thief! But what happens if I take that away!?"


Roswell's eyes momentarily opened wide when Sovereign crushed his attack with his teeth. He prepared for what he expected to be another charge, but when the Tyranitar began sending tremors through Earthquake, Roswell, tried to focus to maintain balance. The homes of the thieves were shaking and falling from their perch in the Thieves Village, dropping onto the ground below. Roswell almost fell off as well from the treehouses, but held on to the side of the root of a large tree, trying to ride out the tremors.

Eventually, though, Roswell couldn't hold on, and the destruction from the attack reached him, causing him to slip and fall, only barely managing to grab onto the side of the platform they stood at. He held on with one hand as below him he could see the ground a while down. He quickly tried to get back up and regain his footing before Sovereign came in for another attack.


Sovereign met Roswell at the ledge. "You call yourself a king. But what do you really rule? A bunch of spineless thieves with no honor whatsoever. The way I see it, you're only value is as far as I can throw you."

"We made a deal with you, damn it! You were supposed to leave us alone, and we would leave you alone!" He yelled, but to no avail.

"BUUUUUAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!" Sovereign cried as his inner strength came pouring out in massive Outrage! He reached out to hurl his opponent as hard as he could to the ground below.


There was nowhere for Roswell to run, and no chance of him to escape. He looked across the town as hundreds of his brethren fell at the claws and teeth and attacks of the Ancients. All across him, his people were dying, and everything they strived to become was ended. With that, he closed his eyes as Sovereign unleashed his attack, and accepted his fate. Sovereign hurled him off of the ledge, and down he went.

His last few moments he remained alive were filled with flashes of thoughts of his life and his memories, from all the way back in the Gold Tribe, to more recently. He felt a pain in his stomach as he recalled his part in the betrayal of the Gold Tribe, though he did hear most made it out, he still regretted. He did it to secure his own people, so that they could live here in prosperity, away from the outside world, so they wouldn't have to worry about what goes on beyond the trees. Now, he only wishes that he could have taken back what he did to the Gold Tribe. If this was what the Silver Tribe would eventually do to everyone, he hoped that the Gold Tribe would find a way to stop it. These were his final thoughts as Roswell, the King of Thieves, fell to his end.


"It begins..."

As Sovereign stood looked down on the falling "Kingdom," he found himself basking in a new found connection to his ancestor's strength. It was intoxicating. He wasn't sure what had happened to him between his previous "excursion," and now, but somehow the power he had struggled with for so long felt so familiar, so comfortable. But this was merely an illusion. A precursor to much more terrible events which would tear Sovereign asunder if he was not careful. As the pieces fall into place, the instruments of his eventual demise began to develop. And inner darkness is your worst enemy...