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It may be a "holo", but it's a reverse holo if it is holo, and the rarity is still common, so it's worth maybe an extra 5 cents more than the normal version, if that.

Originally Posted by darkwaters93 View Post
I'm not sure what the card's info is because it's in japanese, and i dont have a scanner or camera, but it is set up like a trainer card. It has a picture of a pikachu drawing a charmander, and it says 'ILLUSTRATOR' at the top. also, im not quite sure what set it is from because it doesnt have a number, and the 'set icon' is just a paintbrush or microphone or something. also in the bottom corner there are 2 stars, so im hoping its rare.
What you've just described would be known as the Pikachu Illustrator card, if the version you have is legitimate. However, I doubt the authenticity of your version, as only 6 are confirmed to exist, only 5 are in "circulation", and only 4 have been sold. Yours is most likely a fake, because if it wasn't, you'd probably already be aware of what it was last sold for.
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