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@CourageHound - Is your SU finished? Unfortunately transforming into animals isn't really suitable as a secondary power - that's more something that an Arcana card would have to give since it's a very distinguished ability. Also the history needs a bit more detail/information/general bulk and the ability to control powers section needs changing too since the card you've selected has nothing to do with the powers you're talking about - same with the history. Also a last name and a position within the Sword sector that you selected need adding :)

@Khawill - Love the SU! Only thing I would ask is for slightly more detail in the history - you never really explained why she thought about joining the family, why Luca accepted her, what she was actually doing in the mansion, what made Nova agree to contract her, how she reacted to her abilities, her life within the family so far... Adding another paragraph and editing the previous one would most likely be enough to cover all of this and it'll be accepted :)

@Lilizuki - Amazing SU, I especially love what you did with the arcana mark on her back and the whole verging on immortality concept you've introduced is really fitting for The Hanged Man. Accepted! I'm curious, are you planning for her immortality to dwindle as she progresses through the story/gains more control or is this something that's set in stone for her? Or are we going to find out as the story pans out? At any rate, can't wait to see her in action!

@CarefulWetPaint - I'm happy to reserve you a spot but cards are a first-come-first-serve basis, sorry!
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