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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
is 0.7b the length 0.6 was? or the same length as 7a, i believe you shortened it abit, so the later stages of the game could be refined more?
Unfortunately, no. v0.7b will go up to the 2nd hypervisor, Basically goes up to the 5th gym badge.
0.7c, whenever that comes out, should go up to v6. but with all the upgrades the new versions bring.

The reason I did the whole 0.7 update was because I wanted to polish up the game. this included rewriting most of the dialouge, and rebalancing the game. because i found v0.6 becoming mundanely boring. It ended up taking a lot more effort that i initially expected (it's really mind numbing going over old content) so i decided to split it up into 3, since it would take so damn long.

Originally Posted by Mononoke Hime View Post
It looks really cool. I just love eevees and eeveelutions so I'll try it out in a few weeks.

Originally Posted by Cilerba View Post
I tried downloading 0.7a but I couldn't get to your site. Not sure if it's just me or not but if it isn't it'd be great if you could upload it as an attachment to PC so I can give the game a go. :3
Ah, yeah, I had to move to a new address, because my old domain name expired. got a new address now and redesigning the site right now. But the download page *should* work now.

0.7a download

If i were you, I'd probably wait until 0.7b, as it has some new stuff that you'd have to start a new game to see. It's mainly just story stuff though, but there are a few annoying bugs that it fixes too.
Version 0.753 is out
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