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There's one gaming franchise I'd love for it to return. I kept hearing rumors that it'll make a return but it never has. And I'm very sad about it.

That would be Syphon Filter. I'm sure most of you haven't heard of the series, but when I was a young girl, the first Syphon Filter became my very first shooter game. What really got me is the storyline, and the graphics. I played all six games, including the online multiplayer for the PSP. After their latest game, Logan's Shadow, fans have been wondering about a PS3 version of the series, because Logan's Shadow left a huge hole in the game. I already moved on from the rumors for a PS3, I'm pretty sure it won't happen. All in all, if that ever happens, I would LOVE for this series to badly.

Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
Star Wars Battlefront. That was such an amazing game for Star Wars fans, and I loved it. It was such a good game, very fluid and the gameplay in general was just one of the greatest during it's time. Now with the new Star Wars films set to be released in 2015, there would be a build up of hype and more people are gonna start to regain interest in Star Wars. Plus, the graphics could be amazing and so much improvements could be made to the game in all aspects, amazing as it was, now that it could be released on the more recent consoles. Instead of having set classes, they could have more customization involved which was the chunk I thought was missing in the game originally.

So yeah, Star Wars Battlefront is a game I would love to see again. Hopefully, there will be more Dead Island as well in the near future, I know it got released around 1 a year and a half-ish ago but I would like to see a sequel to it.
With the return of Star Wars in a few years, I'm sure we'll see a return of Star Wars games in the near future. The series will return, but not the game you mentioned. lol

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I think Guitar Hero died because if you think about it, the rhythm game genre has faded mostly into obscurity. The only times I see rhythm games played as a whole nowadays are in arcade areas almost exclusively. Rock Band 3 is still alive, but I have yet to meet someone who still plays it as of recent, and it's only going via its insane quantity of DLC. Rhythm games also seem to trend; we essentially went from dance pad games, to plastic instruments, to physical dancing games (present.) I'd like to see Guitar Hero and Rock Band return to how they were, but unless society shows a new interest, it'll remain a cult classic.
I agree that we kinda stepped away from instruments and moved into physical and rhythm. I guess I have a few friends and my brother in law who still play Rock Band and Guitar Hero, just for the music that are in the games. There's still a few songs (even artists) that haven't made the cut in either franchises, so maybe soon if Rock Band comes back with a bang soon, we'll see a new line of songs.

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