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(Eep, I could've sworn I replied to this. Guess my mind's messing with me!)

Love your avatar, it's really pretty. I actually have that picture saved on my computer. xD; Great to meet you, Heph! Like Galoria said, your username and avatar really do look good together. <3

There's no need to be shy here, though - everyone on PC are really wonderful people, staff and members alike! Plus we have some really great regulars here in the New Users section, so you're sure to meet some nice people. :3 Emulation is very popular on PC so there are always new faces popping in who are interested in making their own games, too; will you be working on a game while you're here, or do you mostly just play them? I'm the latter, but learning how to make a hack does sound really interesting!

Anyway, I do hope you branch out outside of the hacking section since there's so much more to PC than hacking, though of course it's entirely up to you! There's lots to do here depending on what you're interested in, from clubs to polls and trivia. So yeah, I'll stop sounding like an advertisement now! Enjoy your stay here and I'll see you around, yes? :D

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