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Name: Charisi "Ari" Terranci
Age: 23
Appearance: Ari makes it no secret that she has Arcana Powers thus keeps her Arcana Mark in plain sight for all to see. It spreads from her shoulder blade down her back but it appears to look different to all that see it or sometimes it doesn't seem to be there at all.

Recently her long, flowing, hair that used to lay beautiful upon her shoulder got a make over. The left side of her hair, (here), is shaven down while the rest is cut into a bob. Her hair barely brushes her shoulders thus making it easier to deal with. From the roots down to her ears her hair is as dark as night but passed that point it begins to fade into blonde. Ari applies her eyeliner a little heavier than most of the other ladies in the family but it really brings out her lavender eyes. A seemingly permanent smirk usually rests below her thin, elongated nose. While her lips are covered with a dark shade lipstick or being coated with glittery lip-gloss they still make quite the impression. Accessorizing is a woman's best friend and one thing Ari does quite often, whether it's bangles, bracelets, necklaces, or piercings she utilizes them all.

Eloquent yet dangerous is Ari preferred fashion style. Wearing spaghetti strapped dresses that reveals her cleavage giving the boys something to look at and even their now jealous girlfriends. The dress fits her in all the right places and doesn't go passed her knees. Needless to say Ari finds working out pointless but yet seems to keep fit with her arms having a bit more muscle then to be expected. Interesting floral design appear somewhere on the dress, the placement depending on the dress she's wearing. Typically there is some sort of fringe to go along with the dress to give her hands something to mess with so she doesn't talk with them. If Ari's really feeling daring her dress of choice would include a slit up the side making it even more provocative. She sports a pair of three-inch high heels to go with her outfit, which makes her height boost from 5'9" to a towering 6'. Even if she can easily protect her self from attack with her Arcana Power she keeps a knife strapped to her upper thigh with a colorful band.

Personality: Terror, fear, screams are the only things that drive Ari to live each day of her life in the most satisfying way. Her love for all things gruesome and sadistic frighten off most people. Everyone is an experiment to her, one worth testing on over and over again in the most unpleasant of ways. Ari thrives off of watching people suffer in the most unimaginable ways. Some call her twisted, some call her the daughter of Satan, some call her Charisi, and she hates all of these people. The funniest part of her day is walking around the House casting out illusions and watching the help scamper off in all directions. Her sense of humor is rather dark as she uses her illusions to taunt and break those that come across her path.

Despite the fact that she seems to be a loner Ari desperately hates being alone. Even though most of the Family avoids her due to her scare tactics she stills finds an excuse to hang around them. Her words to them, mostly sarcastic, are cruel and come from a sharp tongue. She'd never let anyone in the family know that she actually cares about them and their safety but rather them think she doesn't care about any of them. If they were to find out that then they would never let her live it down and her reputation, which means everything to her, would be completely ruined. With this being said she will not hesitate to use extreme perhaps even torturous forces on someone in the family if push comes to shove. Ari doesn't want her caring to come forth as a sign of weakness because she feels as if she has none.

What Ari hates besides people in general is those who undermine her authority and those who underestimate her Arcana Powers. As Head of Intelligence she expects everyone to respect her without question and she will not tolerate those who disobey her. Her methods of discipline are brutal and frowned upon by anyone watching them being done. Having others talk down to her irritates her as well, which is when she tends to lash out the most. Once Ari is in a sour mood it doesn't just go away not without someone talking her down. Her foul mood can last for days or even develop into grudges upon the person who put her in said mood.

Arcana Card: #3, The Empress
Secondary Effects: Being that her Arcana Powers allow her to create illusions it is only fitting to make herself become an illusion, in a way. She is able to project her consciousness/soul out of her body. In most cases it is to gather information that others don't want her knowing. Her projection is invisible unless others are around that possess strong mental powers are around that can sense/feel/see her. Most of the time she does this from the safety of her bedroom while hidden in a secret room. Ari is definitely her most vulnerable while she uses her Astral Projection making her physical body an easy target. During her stay in her Astral form she can confuse enemies by whispering into their ear persuading them to believe that her words are their thoughts. Ari is also able to interact with the physical world but not much, she can pick up light objects such as a knife or a rock.

Ability to Control Powers: Frequently as a teenager Ari lost control of her powers due to her emotions when she was first learning to control her Arcana Power. As a vow to her father Ari made sure to work through her problems and now has nearly infallible control over her power. She shows no remorse to those that she "accidentally" traps in her illusions. Due to the number of times this happens it seems like these aren’t really accidents at all. Everyone in the family knows not to get on her bad side as she practices honing her skills on those that do.

Section of the House & Postion: Head of Intelligence

History on the Island: Ari is said to be a native to Regalo being delivered as a natural birth in a secluded home in the forest. It is said that her mother and father neglected the Arcana Powers specifically The Empress, which is the card her mother had before dying due to childbirth complications. She herself isn't sure if these tales of her early years are the truth but the past is the past and can be shaped how she sees fit. Her father refusing to acknowledge that his daughter had any Arcana Powers did not make her aware that she had a contract with The Empress. As she's increasing in age so did her Father's overbearingness causing them to quarrel quite a bit.

It was a chore for her to fetch grocery all the way from town and make it back before sunset. One day she overloaded her bag causing it to block her frontal view. Consequently she runs smacked dab into Nova causing her grocery's to spill and her to trip. Unbeknownst to her Nova had seen her Arcana Mark and helped her to feet after she had gathered her supplies. She noticed him whispering something to a subordinate while she muttered her apologizes not knowing who this clearly important man was at the time. A suggestion was made to her that she should join the Arcana Famiglia when she was of age. Ari nodded her head and ran off home as she was racing against the sun setting.

Daydreaming was a regular thing for Ari where her imagination would come to life, literally. One time she was thinking of snakes slithering and swarming her father's room and the next second she hears him screaming and shouting. Immediately she snapped out of it and almost immediately his screaming stopped. She thoroughly questioned him about it later but her father wouldn't budge with the details. Ari had her suspicions when similar daydreaming incidents occurred and decided to thoroughly test her theory. When the time came her father wouldn't allow Ari to leave the house and she wondered why he was so vehemently against her joining the Arcana Familga. He kept insisting that she was nothing more than a little girl and needed to keep herself occupied within the house. That caused Ari to flip her lid and trap her father in the most terrible, grotesque illusion she could think of. Something inside her triggered and her attitude became darker and more sinister from that point on.

With her illusion going on she left the forest dwelling house and quickly joined the Arcana Familga without hesitation. She was a little too curious as to why her father didn't want her to be apart of a real family. It was quickly noticed that she was quite adept at getting information out of people by using her Arcana Power. She finally learned about herself from a member of the family and what the Arcana Mark on her back was all about. The House Sector she was quickly shoved into was Intelligence. Her wits and dark nature made her a pro with using her illusions as a torture technique to get information out of those who betrayed the family. With the passing of the former Head of Intelligence, despite her being younger than most of the other members, Ari was selected to be the Head. At some point Ari checked back on her father and saw that he still hadn't snapped out of the illusion she had put him under. It had broken him down and he seemed to go insane to the point where he tried to claw his skin off. Physically having to restrain him, Ari strapped him down to the bed where she feeds him to this day in secret.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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