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Ok, so I'm a 20 year old pokemon fan that just will not be satisfied until I can rebalance pokemon the way I think they should have done lol

And I'm asking you guys to help me on that quest!

So if anyone can steer me down the right path, I'm a complete noob at this and this is what I want to accomplish:

Any gen/rom/overworld, I hear FireRed is the most used.
  • I want to have all gen5 pokemon, moves, and abilities (maybe items too)
  • Next I want to be able to change each pokemon's way of evolution, stats, learnsets, types, etc.
  • Then to be able to change/add pokemon moves/abilties
  • Changing the wild pokemon's random encounters would be good. Placing new pokemon, changing areas of encounter, etc.
  • And finally to adjust what trainers have what pokemon and at what levels.

Future plans if I don't suck at this:

Custom Storyline
Overworld changes/additions

I'm out to make a rebalanced and hard version of pokemon.
Story, items, overworld and such are all optional and are less of my concern.

So, can you guys help me get the tools and knowledge I need for this mission as a complete noob?