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    I'm taking a break from Pokemon Johto Adventures since my motiv is going down, so I'll try working on another fan fiction.

    In addition to how I planned the Marowak story in May 2011, I tried writing a story based off how a Shuppet's life as a doll when she was with her master. I got inspired by this story in May about a Yamask. And see the synopsis in the spoiler, since it's long.

    So, I am writing this in Shuppet's point of view. It starts off as how she felt when she was alone at this store in Virbank City.

    She couldn't even speak or talk at the time, but when people would see her, they wouldn't even pick her up and they prefer other dolls.

    That made her pretty lonely, until she found a little girl named Lucy with her family visiting there for her 7th birthday.

    She was searching around until she wanted that doll. Her parents asked if she wanted the other one since it looks better. But that girl pleaded that she wanted the Shuppet doll instead.

    Then when they bought her, Lucy used to comb her pretty much and use her all the time for grooming with her annoying singing for the past year. That pretty much annoyed the Shuppet, until when she brung her to Pokemon School.

    Normally Lucy would get teased for having light skin and purple eyes that don't fit her blue ponytail that they would call her a fish. She would cry and hug her doll. But the doll realized by how sad she would be and how lonely.

    But soon her favorite cousin that she looked up to died in a huge fire. She would cry every day, every night, all the time.

    But when she was 11, she started to treat the Shuppet as a family member now and stuff. She would take care of the doll and give her compliments.

    But when Lucy was 12, the doll was put beside the window. She saw Lucy leaving with her backpack and an Oshawott. She wanted to cry out for her, but she couldn't and that made her sad.

    She felt so lonely for the past month that she wanted to leave, but suddenly, she turned into a Shuppet. She was shocked at first, but she decided to find Lucy to reunite together.
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