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    !!!!NEW!!!! Download link at the bottom!

    I've been looking around and there are some games in which people are saying is 'brutal' or 'the challenge mode' but all they are, is like stated 'the challenge mode'.

    So here's what I had an idea for; Pokemon Rouge. To those who don't know Rouge: It's an unfair game. An endless cave in which you have to survive 99 floors... and then make it back to the start. By unfair I mean, really, really unfair. Eg: On the first floor you have a chance to run into a high level Pokemon. Oh and did I mention that if you die you go back to the start (or previous save if you made one)?
    Now you all will know the meaning of the word 'challenge'. This hack will test your skills in all ways; battling, scrounging and out right running.

    Just a few features;
    All pokemon (386),
    Whole new areas (your in a cave the whole time so don't expect a beatuiful view),
    More items on the floor/more hidden items,
    Healing can only be done though potions or moves (eg: soft boil)
    Getting the badges - Every 13th floor.
    Elite 4 - every 10th floor after that.
    At the end will be the story/free roam mode (for those who make it there) - where the map of the original will become the rouge styled map.


    Note: When you die I've made it so you have to restart or reload. Otherwise you'll be in an endless loop of fighting level 100 legendaries.

    NEW Version II Release!

    -Up to Floor 15
    -Battle Brock
    -Get the badge
    -More items been added in
    -Fixed some bugs
    -Added a variation of pokemon
    -And more!

    Download Version I link:

    Download Version II link:

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