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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
i know no one will, i want to join but my exams are coming up and im busy studying for them :(
Are there any current Water type Pokemon you'd see likely to gain a new stage in their line in the future generations? If not, are there any you'd like to get one? New stage counts for both pre-evolutions and evolutions.
i would like to see a pre-evolution of milotic. feebas is a fish and milotic a pretty big pokemon so there should bea pokemon between them xD
i would also like to see a evolution of Seadra a big evoltuion xD
other than these two all water pokemon are good
time for some pics:

I definitely agree with you on the Feebas evolution. It's kinda the same thing with Magikarp and Gyarados, however I'm pretty certain both are inspired by legends, stories and the likes. For example, the Magikarp/Gyarados line comes from a japanese legend I think, about the carps leaping over something called the dragon gate and turning into dragons, which is what that evolutionary line depicts. Nothing there to back the Feebas/Milotic evolution up, but it could very well be a depiction of the story "The Ugly Duckling", about a cygnet which ended up living with ducks, and was teased for being ugly, in the belief that it was actually a duckling, but later grew up to be a beautiful swan which everyone adored. Kinda sounds like Feebas and Milotic, don't you think.

As for a Seadra evolution, Kingdra already exists :p
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