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    Originally Posted by PhantomX0990 View Post

    Now, I'm not a 'girly girl' by any means whatsoever. I wasn't raised with girls, rather my cousins who were 'tough guys' that I beat up on regular occasions because their idiots, but I love them like brothers. I can count how many times I've worn a dress on one hand. (Three by the way; my Communion, when I was my parent's flower girl, and my 8th grade graduation ceremony (I scared people that day, they were like "Holy ****, Ash is that you?" I, on the other hand was like, "Shut it.") I don't like pink all that much, I don't wear makeup very often... or at all most of the time. I don't giggle at stupid things, or have to go to bathroom in groups. (Seriously, I don't get it.) (Aaaand I'm probably being a stereotypical jerk-butt, but I'm making a point.) I've always hung out with guys, been one of the guys, my best friends are guys.

    But I am by no means a guy.

    I don't want to be a guy.

    I've never thought about being a guy.

    But I don't really fit in as a woman either. At least, not as society says I should. I know I'm a tomboy, but I don't go out of my way to be so. I don't look it at least, besides not wearing women's clothes. (Seriously, I hate women's tee shirts. I want sleeves dammit.)
    Hey there
    I think it is totally ok to not fit the clichés that society has about women. Just because you don't act "girly" (this term is already something society has made up), that doesn't mean that you are less than a woman. Of course, it is alright if you don't think of yourself as anything. I just wanted to point out that, in order to be a woman, you don't have to like pink or wear make-up etc. Sorry, if I got your post wrong. This is just what I first thought when I read your comment