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    Yeah I guess so.. though some of it confuses me this year. Like favourite threads and stuff.. well if it's member of the year, people are gonna forget much much older threads that were made. Maybe fav thread-maker could be good too but.. dunno. I think it would've brought the community together more if we had the one big thread in announcements. I know I'm not gonna bother skipping around to different forums just to vote for people I see only in the forum I frequent. I don't think it's fair to the members who are hella awesome that post in some of the less busy sections like tabletop games or the anime sections.. or some of the super helpful members that may be in ROM hacking which is a section I've never ventured to.

    Meh I know I'm just being a complainer here now, though. And things aren't gonna change, but it's just how I thought would've made it a nicer event. I feel like.. just because a member is super active just in one section shouldn't really make them the member of the year.

    IMO, I think one of my MOTY votes shall go to Gavin. He's grown a lot this year. I always see him being helpful. We have our ups and downs and sometimes we don't talk for ages but every time I see him post, it's always very thoughtful and he is very patient. I have a couple others that I think would be good candidates for the MOTY. Unfortunately like I said, I don't go in every section so it's hard for me to say.. but we do have some brilliant people here so it's hard for me to just choose one. Nick's another great one. Bobandbill is very helpful too.

    Many people are just gonna wind up voting based on friends though, instead of trying to be unbiased.. kinda makes me sad at that! So maybe doing it this new way will make it slightly more unbiased.. though I dunno where I would vote for these guys for, cause they also post in quite a few different sections and not just one.
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