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Favourite Female: {These ones are always tough for me}

Favourite Male: {These ones are always tough for me}

Favourite Pairing: Drummershuff and Ashley, Signomi and Ryoutarou, Went and Aizuke

Favourite Moderator: Captain Fabio, Hybrid Trainer, Razor Leaf, Bobandbill, Patchisou Yutorhu

Favourite Higher Staff Member: Went, Morkula, Lightning, Ausedriel

Best of the Best

Best Username: Manipulation

Best Usertitle:

Best Signature: Signomi, Cid

Best Avatar:

Best Forum: ROM Hacking (it's PC's staple), OVP, OC

Best PokéCommunity Forum Style: Pokelink

Best Event (including events within PCX): Skype events

2012 in Review

Most likely to be elected President: FreakyLoz (She loves her politics :3), Astinus (I can see you being a good leader!)

Most likely to participate in the Olympics one day: Sydian with her band at the opening ceremony, Impo, Guillermo

Most likely to become a Staff Admin: No one for a while.. we have too many IMO

Most likely to listen to Whitney Houston CDs on replay: Harlequin

Most likely to watch the last Twilight film more than once: Laugh

Most likely to take over PC Lerroux-style: Kawaii


Most Amusing / Funniest: Drakow, Shining Raichu, Amachi is a good laugh too

Most Changed (Since Joining): Pachy, Hikari10, Abnegation, Captain Fabio

Least Changed (Since Joining): Elite Overlord LeSabre, Toujours, Lightning, Forever, Luke

Most Interesting Blogger: Mr. Cat Dog's blogs are always fun, Scarf, PEDRO12, Droomph

Most likely to refresh PC every 5 seconds during a downtime: Forever, Hikari10

Most Missed: Simon, Pokejungle, Alyseperia, Vendak, (and because recent.. Toshiro.) (Yoshikkko seems back now.. and though there are others I'd love to mention like Drummershuff, Chairman Kaga, Jack O'Neill, CybexMewtwo (who remembers him?) Signomi, Lightning if she's still on leave, Zet (but I see him on IRC at times! etc, but I shall stick with these.. )

Most Optimistic: Jellicent(female), Olli97, Cirno

Most PC Spirited: Leaf Storm ,Forever

Most Post Count Obsessed: Aizuke, Pokestick GoodTimes (solely for count to infinity :3)

Most Talkative: Toujours, Scarf, Platinumdude, Pave Low

Most likely to stay friends: Ray, Zet, and J, Vendak and Algo Fonix, Aegis and Lightning

Most likely to become PC's Next Top Model: Livewire, Yoshikkko, MVTM, Bloodex

Most likely to be featured on Entertainment Tonight: Shining Raichu, Mr. Catdog

Most likely to fall asleep at their computer: Vendak.. he has.. many times..

Most likely to actually stick to their New Year resolution: CarefulWetPaint, Curious (I'm rooting for you to stick to that workout!)

Most likely to accidentally meet a celebrity and not realise it: Lightning

Most likely to work for Apple: Hiroshi Sotomura, Patchisou Yutoru, TRIFORCE89

Most likely to marry a prince or princess: Jolene, Bela,

Most likely to become the next Ash Ketchum: AChipOffTheOldBrock

Most likely to get lost in their own city:

Most likely to predict the end of the world: Taro Tanaka, XanderO, Xulek

------Honourable Mentions (cool members but didn't know what section to put them): AWSquared, AlexOzzycake,, Zebeedoo, Fransechi,
------MOTY: Abnegation,
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