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    I see one problem with the nomination system. Someone who specifically likes one hack overall could easily nominate it for all categories, giving it seven points towards HotY consideration right there. Since I haven't been here through the 2011 nominations, has this been a problem in the past?

    I also agree with the above post, Light Platinum is just a nice job. Some fixes are needed, but I think Ash and I will be covering those in the future (once that's done I wouldn't be able to vote for it, of course, being I will have contributed to it). Flora Sky also looks awesome, but instead of Liquid Crystal I'd argue for CrystalDust as it's being made as a perfect replica of Crystal (but with berries instead of Apricorns on the trees, since Emerald's base can't handle them) but with bonus material after the original game is completed in full. So far Kanto isn't in it, so it might still be some time away, but it's worth mentioning.

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